Mandarin Chinese


同学们好!Hello Class!

My name is Holly, I will be the teacher for your Chinese course this semester. I am looking forward to helping you learn Chinese. I hope you will love language learning as much as I do! My contact information is below; it will also be on the homepage of your course. The best way to contact me is by email: If you need a quick answer you are welcome to text me as well.

What to do This Week- Unit ONE

Read the course documents and instructions for taking the online course

Until the Middlebury logins start working (about one week after the course opens)

Plan to complete one unit a week. One lesson a day, you can get caught up at home if you don't have time during the school week.

You can visit these websites to get familiar with or review Mandarin. -mandarin for kids information about how Chinese language learnings growing - Chinese or Mandarin Lots of cool images about learning Chinese. There is a link below to my Mandarin Pinterest page.

If you find any interesting websites you can post in the discussion board for your other classmates and I to see. Maybe I will add your website to the list in the future.