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About Us

Be Kept Up is a web design company from Shelton, Connecticut, incorporating conscious living. There’s no limitation on manifesting your custom request! We’ve been hard at work since 2013, giving our clients the proper look, feel, and worth they deserve. Before this we worked in marketing, site design, branding, and consulting for over 7 years. We've worked with clients such as Blockbuster, Netflix, Vistaprint, Verizon, ITT Tech, Nielsen, and more throughout the years!

We’d love to work with you, and are glad you are busy checking out who we are and what we do! If there’s any information you can’t find, or want to get in touch, feel free to contact us! We don’t bite..

Please visit our website for more information!

Pricing + Timeframe

  • We start at $1000 for a custom designed website.
  • Prices add on depending on time / services required.
  • Additional $500 for an online shop
  • $400 for custom Logo Design (includes 4 designs, and 4 edits)

We've inquired with 2 local companies thus far. They respectively charged $2000 and $3000 to start with no options included.

60% required up front, 40% on completion of your custom creation!

  • Logos take 10-14 days to complete.
  • Websites take roughly 25-40 days to complete depending on the client. (the quicker you have the content, the quicker we can complete your project)

And Soon To Be You!