Martin Luther: Angel or Demon?

By Christian Zarka R4 S4

Luther: a saint

  • went against indulgences which primarily used the church community to help stabilize the Vatican
  • wanted to reform church out of the good of his heart and love for Catholicism
  • mentioned that the pope had too much authority and was manipulating his loyal members of the church
  • took power away from church by starting Protestantism
  • based his thoughts and teachings on scriptures (the word of God)
  • refused to apologize after writing "95 Theses"; he was sticking up for what he interpreted as the right thing
  • Luther changed mass to the native language
  • understood the necessity of education for all people
  • Catholic church eliminated the selling of indulgences partly because of Luther's valid points
  • Peace of Augsburg let princes of regions decided the religion in the land
  • A hero to Germans; portrayed in art as "German Hercules"

Luther: a sinner

  • claimed good works did not get a person to heaven
  • disrupted and broke the unity of the Christian church
  • "a heretic and an outlaw of the empire"-Edict of Worms
  • wrote, published, and sold controversial books going against the Catholic church
  • did not apologize for his harsh insults against the church
  • excommunicated from the Catholic church
  • opposed peasant's revolt against the feudal nobility
  • could not hold the Protestant religion together; branched into small parts
  • Peace of Augsburg let princes decide the religion for the people they governed
  • got angry at other religions branching out and tried to stop freedom of religion
  • writings influenced spread of anti-Semitism
  • referred to the papacy as the devil

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