Happy February!

A lovely newsletter from your iGT Coach


You guys have made it 1/12th of the way through your term! I'm so excited and inspired by the goals and motivation each of you have. This is the first of many newsletters coming your way! I am going to use this as a education/motivation resource for you guys! If you ever have any specific topics you'd like me to cover please let me know! I will be reaching out to you all in about a week to set up the next 1:1s! If you need to talk or have any questions before then feel free to reach out to me at 920-369-0444 or book me!

International Relations 101

Interested in building your international reach?

After doing an analysis of a company you can see where some of their talent gaps may lie. This gives you an incredible advantage, because you'll be able to pick specific cities, universities and candidates to offer and close the deal with when meeting with them. How do you do this? International Relations.

Having a relationship with an international LC is much more easy than you think. First, it's beneficial to understand the kinds of backgrounds TNs from your city usually have and be able to understand where to get that supply from. (If you want more information on how to do this, let me know! I am an analytics major and love analyzing markets!)

The next part is the most fun, actually reaching out and connecting to these chapters you feel would have a good supply of potential EPs that could be used to match upcoming opportunities. The best way I have seen for this to be initiated is reaching out to the LC's LCP. Here is the contact list spreadsheet of all the LCPs around the world. Reach out to them and sell them on your LC. The rest is just relationship building.

Leadership Corner

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