Where I Stand

Issues within our Communities

Traffic within Markham

The amount of traffic that goes on during rush hour and early morning is ridiculous. I live on Carlton Rd and I can barely get on the main road in morning because of the massive amount of traffic coming from 16th avenue. My parents have to purposely get up and out ten to twenty minutes earlier to avoid the congestion. This is concerning because it is not even the winter yet when it gets worse. Not only is Carlton Rd congested but 16th avenue and even further up north. The municipal government should build more roads so that there is less traffic in one concentrated area. They should also create some more bus lanes on all major roads so that only buses are allowed on it. This will allow less traffic for people who are behind a bus and there will much more room for vehicles to move.

Construction in Markham

Markham is growing rapidly which is why there is so much construction however the increasing amount of traffic is causing many traffic jams and congestion on major roads. Recently Highway 7 has been doing construction to add bus roads, while building this it has caused many other major roads such as 16th avenue to be filled with unnecessary traffic. Not only that but there is a lot of unfinished construction projects. For example a while ago Centennial Community Centre was redesigning. There was barely any construction going on in the summer. They closed the whole community centre for a few years to construct it. Finishing these projects faster will reduce traffic and make the city look a lot nicer.

Snow removal

In the winter, we usually have massive storms that cause massive blockage in the roads. The snow ploughs come and push all the snow onto our driveways making it impossible for us to back out of the driveway or even move the massive pile of snow that is in front of our driveway. The pile is usually impossible for older citizens to shovel by themselves. The snow ploughs should ensure that they do not block the driveway when pushing the snow from the main road. This will make things more efficient and easier for everyone.
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