Google Classroom

Gladewater December 10th

Using Classroom as a Teacher

Creating and Editing Classes

  • The website is
  • From your first screen, click on the plus sign in the top right hand corner and choose create a class.
  • Name the class and give it a section (if you want) and click create.
  • All you can really do is change the class theme.
  • Click on change the class theme in the right hand corner.
  • Choose a theme and click set theme.

Changing Classes

  • Click on the three lines on the left side of the screen and choose a new class.
  • You can also choose home to see all of your classes.

Adding Announcements and Assignments

Announcements (no due date)

  • In the class, click on announcement.
  • Enter the information
  • You can add files or links
  • Use the Google Drive logo to add files directly from drive.
Assignments (due date)
  • In the class, click assignment
  • Enter the title and instructions
  • Attach files from Drive

In both of these you can choose what classes you want to post the assignment to. If you have multiple class periods of the same class (like 1st, 3rd, and 5th Algebra 1) then you can assign all of the same assignments. The difference is in how it is managed. Each class has a folder in your Classroom file in your Google Drive.


  • Information about the class
  • Put things here that you want kids to have quick, easy access to.

Adding and Inviting Students

Adding - or have them add

  • Go into the class
  • Give students the class code on the left side.

  • In the class, click on students
  • Enter their emails

Grading Assignments

  • Worksheet/lab/paper grading - grade it like you normally would but online. Change the color of the font (like purple if it is wrong or pink for a comment), make comments like you would in word.

  • Forms - Auto grade with an Add-On called Flubaroo

  • Save to Doc - If you have a paragraph answer in Forms, use the Save to Doc Add-On to move them to a Google Doc for ease of Grading. Click Add -Ons, find Save to Doc, and follow how to do it.

  • When you finish grading an assignment, click on the assignment, enter the points possible (or ungraded), click on the pencil and enter their grade.

Returning Assignments

  • Click on the assignment
  • Check the "papers" to return
  • Click return
  • Once you return the file to the students you do not have access to edit the file.
  • When they turn the file in, you become the owner.
  • When you return the file, the student becomes the owner again.

Where does it all go??

When you create a class Classroom automatically creates a folder in your Google Drive. You can find it in the Classroom folder. In each folder you will find other folders that are the same as the assignments you have created. For this reason, take caution in what you name your assignments! You want to be able to find them again and remember what they were. If you click home you see a list of all of your classes. On each class there is a folder to click that will take you to that classes Google Drive location.

Assignment Ideas

  • Note taking
      • Give basic Slide presentation and they find or fill in the extra information.

      • Give a basic document and students use it for class discusses/lecture

  • Worksheet
      • Upload ones you already have to Google Drive and it can make the document into a Google Document

  • Form/Quiz/Exit ticket
  • Lab or activity
    • Give students a basic outline for them to edit or let them start from scratch

  • Research paper
  • Test
  • Some activity where they have to take pictures and insert them.
    • You could do this for notebooking. Students could take pictures of what they are doing as they go and insert them like they would draw them in their notebook.

Teacher Tips - Prevention of Mistakes!

  • Pay attention to naming because once students make a copy or you create an assignment you have to rename it every place you go

  • Any changes made to the document after it has been attached in Google classroom are NOT dynamic. They won’t show up on the student copy because they already have their own copy.

  • When looking at a student's paper, on the right side it shows the rights you have. When a student has turned in their paper, you have full rights and they have only viewing rights. When you return it, they have full rights and you do too.

  • To return an assignment, set the points available, give them a grade, click next to their name, return.

  • Inside the assignment, you can email.

  • Go to the place in Google drive where their assignment is, and download the grades as CSV to be put into a gradebook program.

  • When you return it you can give individual feedback.

  • If you remove a student and they come back, they see that they finished the assignment, you see that you returned it and graded, but it says they are not done.

  • When a form is used and the students finish it, the system will not mark it as done. However, students can now go in and mark it as done.

  • If you don’t select “make a copy for each student” before you save you won’t get that option again.

Using Classroom as a Student

Getting In

Completing Assignments

  • Click on the assignment.
  • If there is a document click on it - it will be saved into your Google Drive.
  • Complete the assignment
  • Go back to the assignment in Classroom and click on Turn in
  • If you have a form that students are completing, I would put in a document for them, something blank maybe, that they can submit saying they are done.