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where did the 13 colonists come from?

The 13 Colonists came from Great Britan,Europe

what are some reasons that the 13 colonists came to England from jamestown,Virginia?

because they hoped to find gold in the Americans and they didn't and if there was no gold they hoped England leaders would have some gold in there natural resources so they moved to England for that because they were poor. Also the king of England said that they was going to raise the taxes so that they could have some more money. The king in England was trying to raise the taxes and everyone wasn't agreeing to it.when the mayflower done with his journey they landed in the wrong place they landed in north america. how New England got its name was becasue it was new to them and it was england so NEW ENGLAND.

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The time period that they moved

The 13 colonists moved to England in 1607

Where did the 13 colonists immigrate to and from?

first the 13 colonies were at Europe where they lived and then they wen't to Jamestown Virginia and then they immigrated to New England then came back.