influences of food choices

by jake hoch

physical needs

for physical needs you will need healthy food because if you only eat junk food like sweets that's not good for your body if you just eat that but if you have some healthy food it will be a lot better than just eating junk food. for survival you will to eat some vegtiables because u need that for survival.

psychological needs

if your in a good or bad mood not feeling hungry or thirsty you need both of those because if you don't get enough of both of those then you will get dehydrated and start feeling sick and if you start feeling sick then you wont want to eat.if your dehydrated then your body is running out of energy and it will start to shut down until you get food or water in your system.

personal food preferences

personal food preferences

personal food preferences just means you know what kind of food you like. if the food doesn't smell good or just doesn't look like it would be good then don't eat it because then if you do then you may get sick. if you eat your favorite foods all the time then it may be ok but if all you eat is pizza and fat foods then your most likely not gonna be in shape. if your not in the best shape then your not gonna live long because you need to eat healthy food to.

food availabillity

your food choices are important because if you done have good food choices then you could be hurting your body. you cant just eat junk food you have to treat your body right by eating food that is good for you like fruit, vegies etc. there are some food that only come out in certain seasons like egg nog that's only around during christmas. you need to always consider if your eating food that is good for you and if you realize you are not then you probably should start eating food that is good for you.

social settings

for social settings there are mealtime and if you eat at a certain time every day then just keep eating at that time because if you get out of that habit then you'll get messed up because you've eaten at that time for a long time. lunch you don't have to have lunch but you should because if don't get enough food in your system in a day then your body will shut down and you'll feel sick that happens because your body doesn't get enough sugar so it will start to shut down until it gets more sugar in it's system.

society and culture

there is a lot of traditions around here like on thanksgiving you eat a turkey and you gather up with your family and have a good time. on chirstmas you eat a big breakfast with your family then you pen all of your presents that you got. a lot of people go to church and then after its over they have a big cook out and invite a lot of their friends over to come eat and have a good time together. some family's have their own traditions like some people just go to church then come home and watch football all, that's what my family does then others just come home and out with on anther.