Kindergarten News

Kindergarten's Weekly Newsletter - Issue 10

CURRICULUM NEWS for October 23rd - 27th

October 23rd - 27th


  • with, my, play

  • White


  • Identifying the story elements in a text (characters, setting, important events)
  • Hearing the beginning sounds in a word
  • Blending sounds to make a word: /c/ /a/ /t/ = cat
Click here to listen to a book and identify the story elements!


  • Writing a sentence with a capital letter at the beginning, spaces, & punctuation.


  • Comparing Numbers 1 - 15 (more, less, equal, greater than, fewer than)


  • Weather
Click here to play a weather game!


  • Location Words: over, under, near, far, left, and right
  • Maps

Important Dates to Remember

Monday, October 23rd - Friday, October 27th - Red Ribbon Week

*Daily attire listed further below

Wednesday, October 25th - Wear white

Thursday, October 26th - Pumpkin Patch Field Trip (detailed information below)

*Wear orange Windsong shirt

Friday, October 27th - Windsong Boosterthon

*Wear orange Windsong shirt


Monday, October 30th - 50's Day (students are invited to dress in 50's attire)

Friday, November 3rd - Windsong Fall Festival

Tuesday, November 7th - Cultural Celebration Night

Friday, November 10th - K-2 Veteran's Day Assembly (read further below for more information)

Red Ribbon Week!

Next week is Red Ribbon Week!

Here are the dress up days:

Monday - Wear crazy socks.

Sock it to drugs!

Tuesday - Dress for your favorite decade.

Drug free through the decades!

Wednesday - Wear red.

*You can also have your child wear white for the color of the week.

We stand together for Red Ribbon Week!

Thursday - Wear crazy hair today.

*Have your child wear his/ her orange Windsong shirt for our field trip to the pumpkin patch.

Our hair may be crazy, but our future is bright!

Friday - Come ready to run for Boosterthon and away from drugs.

*Have your child wear his/ her orange Windsong shirt for the Boosterthon.

We are Prosper strong!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

We are so excited about our field trip this coming Thursday, October 26th! Preston Trail Farms provides such a fun hands-on experience for our kids while we are learning about pumpkins and their properties.

Here are some important things to remember for our field trip:


· Students are encouraged to wear their ORANGE Windsong Kindergarten shirt. If your child does not have one then please have them wear orange.

· We will be on a farm so 1) old shoes, 2) pants, and 3) jackets would be appropriate.


· Send a grocery sack to carry their pumpkin home.

We know that this will be a fun and exciting trip for our kids!


When: Friday, October 27, 2017

Where: Windsong Elementary

If you plan on attending:

Visit Mrs. Brown in the front office to receive your visitor’s badge. (please make sure to bring identification)

Children need to…


  • Orange Grade level T-Shirt
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Sunscreen (no sharing due to allergies)
  • Ball Cap *optional
  • Sun Shades *optional

Come join us to cheer your child & his/ her class on!

Weekly Homework

Social Studies

Last chance to send a map in your child's binder...

We are launching our map unit in social studies on Monday. We need your help! As you are out and about with your child (the mall, the zoo, the fair, etc), please retrieve a map and send it to school with your child on Monday. Any kind of map will do! These maps will be used for a hands-on lesson of exploration and learning in social studies. Thank you for your help!

Maps are due on Monday!

Reading Homework

Listen to the story below.

Have your child:

  1. Identify the characters, setting, & important events.
  2. Draw and label the setting from the story.

Math Homework

Monday - Have your child practice writing his/ her numbers 0-15. Call out a number (out of order) and have your child practice writing the number with the correct formation.

Tuesday - Play "Your Pile, My Pile". Using the number flashcards 0 -15 (print your own cards by clicking on the link further below), show your child a card. If they can read the number they keep it. If they can't read the number you keep it. The one with the most cards at the end wins!

Wednesday - Have your child use his/ her number flash cards 0 - 15 for the following task. Mix up the cards, spread them on the floor, and turn them over so you can't see the number. Turn over two cards. Compare the numbers using the vocabulary: more, less, equal, greater, fewer


"8 is greater than 3"

"2 is less than 7"

Thursday - Practice counting by tens to one hundred. Practice counting by ones to one hundred.

Friday - No homework. Have a great weekend!

Honoring our Veterans

This year we will be honoring our Veterans through a Wall of Honor posted in our school & through a special Veteran's Assembly at GMW on Friday, November 10th. Please click on the link below for more information.



The Prosper ISD GT program is designed to provide motivating, challenging experiences that will nurture the unique academic and social-emotional needs of gifted and talented students. Students whose data indicate the advanced program services are the most appropriate educational setting will be recommended for placement in the gifted and talented program.

We will hold an information meeting regarding our GT program and the identification process for Kindergarten on Tuesday, October 24 in the Rogers Middle School (1001 Coit Rd) cafeteria at 6:30 pm.

If you have questions, please contact your campus GT Specialist.