Stop the SHAKE

Parkinson's disease

Understanding Parkinsons

Dopamine neurons in the nigro-striatal pathway degenerate. Scientists use human stem cells to treat incurable human diseases.

" If I were a scientist I would create a magic pill that delivers dopamine to the part of the brain above the degenerated pathway!"

The Body Condition

1. 5 symptoms are tremors, slowed movement, writing changes, speed changes, rigid.

2. This condition is caused by certain nerve cells (neurons) in the brain gradually break down or die. symptoms are due to loss of neurons.

3. It makes their life more slow and they have a nervous shake a lot of the time.

4. Neurons are affected by this

5. The neurons break down and die

6. Long term effects are weight loss, swallowing difficulty, difficulty communicating, and problems with balance.

7. After making an essay by doctor James Parkinson they started to call it that.

8. 3 possible treatments are, a change in lifestyle, carbidopa - levodopa drug, and deep brain simulation.

9. There is no cure for Parkinson disease.

10. I can be treated in many ways but not cured, in the early stages of the disease you may show little to expression in face.

Parkinsons Disease PSA - Michael J Fox Muhammad Ali (1)