Week 14 of Kindergarten


Sight Words

Students will be tested on Friday. Please keep the "I Can!" sight word flashcards in the red folders. We will be adding the new flashcards to the rings on Monday.

Students who tested a 70 or below will be retested. Please look at the sheet in the red folder that shows which sight words students should be practicing.

*You can find a list of Fry's First 100 word list on the internet*

List 1 - the, of, and, a, to
List 2 - in, is, you, that, it

List 3 - he, was, for, on, are
List 4 : as, with , his, they, I
List 5: at, be, this, have, from

List 6: or, one, had, by, words

List 7: but, not, what, all, were
List 8: we, when, your, can, said
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November 14th - November th

Phonemic Awareness skills: initial sounds, rhyming, and blending with syllables.

We are continuing with our writing journal where students are able to illustrate and create sentences. Students are adding more detail to both their illustrations and writing.

Superkid: Lily

We will be finishing up with Lily and students will take a Progress Test to monitor what students learned with Sal and Lily.

We will be discussing the Thanksgiving Story with the students and will do various activities and crafts throughout the week.


Chapter 3: Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 6-9


Chapter 4: God's World is Good

Unit 2: Animals

Lesosn 6: What Are Animals Like?

Lesson 7: What Do Animals Need?

Lesson 8: How Do Animals Grow and Change?

*Please let me know if you have any difficulties logging into students IXL account.
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Monday, Nov 14th: Bag Lunch Day. No cafeteria food will be served. Students need to bring in their own lunchbox.

Friday, Nov 18th:
Thanksgiving Center Day 9:00am-10:50am
November 21rd- Nov 25th: No School. Happy Thanksgiving!
Thursday, Dec 1st: Kindergarten Field Trip
Wednesday, Dec 7th: Barnes & Noble Book Fair