The Fall Semester is Here!

After a summer of support raising, we're back on campus

Welcome to our new updates

We live in an amazing era where email allows us to keep in touch with you in ways that missionaries for centuries haven't had. It's a blessing to be sent by you all, and we want that to be as easy as possible.

So here comes our newest prayer update. The goal: To be easier to read, right in your email (instead of an attached PDF), and media centric. We want you to not only read, but see what we're doing at the U of I.

Please go ahead and forward to a friend, share what we're doing, and continue to pray for us. We thank you for your hearts in this ministry. We'd also love your feedback. Do you like getting updates this way? Let us know with a quick response.

So read on to learn about the exciting things coming up this Fall at the U of I.

Support Update

We've been pretty blessed by an incredible summer of support raising. With the new school year starting up, we wanted to again say thank you! We can't say it enough, and we can't believe how much God has provided through our team.

Just in the 3 months of summer, we saw enough gifts for me to get a positive account balance, I'm getting closer to full paychecks, and new partners have joined the team. It's truly amazing to see. We're headed into the school year just 4% short of being 100% in support.

This means we'll continue to raise support here and there in gaps during the school year. We wanted to give you an idea of where we're headed too. By the end of the school year, our hope is to be able to put Ashley on insurance with GCM along with myself, so that we can be prepared for transitions in the future.

So you can see, we're hoping to get to 100% as well as have $300 in new partnership by next June.

If you have promised to give a special gift or start a recurring gift (or you feel compelled to do so now), you can do so, by visiting, where you can stop, start, and change your giving at any time.

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Welcome Week Prep

This week, we'll be spending a ton of time preparing for and welcoming new students to campus. This means getting our website up to date, meeting new students at booths we'll have on campus, and planning for all the special events we'll start the year with. It's a whirlwind, but it's worth it when we meet all the new students who will be a part of our ministry.

One of the things I wanted to highlight about our welcoming of students is Quad Day. This Sunday, all over the Main Quad at the U of I, there will be students roaming around for groups to belong to. Some are looking for a Christian group to be a part of, and others are hoping to make some friends. We are so excited to get to meet so many of these students.

Just to give you a sense of the scale of how many students we get to interact with. Here's a timelapse video of a ten minute passing period on campus. Now multiply that by 5-10 and you'll get a sense of the number of students on the Quad.

Stop Motion Illinois Quad
That's a lot of students! Please pray with us for the students we'll be meeting and for our own student leaders to be faithful to reaching out to their classesmates, dormmates, and new friends.

And things just get started with Quad Day. Next week alone, we start our dorm based small groups called Connect Groups, the Adventure Race (our unique scavenger hunt and activity challenge) and a Labor Day volley tournament.

It's an exciting time of the year to kick things off, and we're thankful to have you behind us in it.

Other New Student Month Events

Prayer Requests

  • For our Connect Group leaders. At the start of each year, we have small groups led by students in the dorms to help new students connect to Illini Life. the Connect Group from our Home Fellowship this semester will be led by two guys named Mark and Drew.

  • For our new student outreach. We're trying some new things this semester in connecting with students (including handing out icy pops). Pray with us that it would be fruitful.

  • For our Home Fellowship. Ashley and I have been communicating that we believe our Home Fellowship is poised to do some amazing community and outreach. Pray that this would be true this Fall semester.

  • For our financial support. With the semester ramping up and busyness taking over, pray that our support level would stay stable and even increase over the coming weeks and months.

Alan & Ashley Hable

We're a couple of missionaries at the University of Illinois, and with Alan full time with Great Commission Ministries and Ashley in the school district, we're pretty busy. We are so thankful for your support.Your prayers mean the world to us.