Mrs. Hay's Happenings

Weekly Newsletter October 14-18

Look at what we are learning!

Fluency-Determine if the answer to an addition fact will be odd or even. There will be a fluency quiz on Friday.

Math Skill-Identify whether an event will take about 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, review telling time to the hour and half hour.

Science-Draw and label the parts of the water cycle

Word Work-Due to our short week, there will be no spelling or reading comprehension homework

Reading Skill-learning to choose "Just Right" books

Grammar-subject and predicate of a sentence

Writing Workshop-editing and rewriting a piece for publication


Monday-No School

Tuesday-No homework will be coming home this week for reading, spelling, or math!

No spelling test either.

Wednesday-Library Class

Thursday-A possible field trip to the George Library. We will keep you posted.

Friday-Healthy Heart Jog

Fun Times