Cyber Citizenship

Traveling to Far Off Places with an Older Person

Visiting Far Off Places

We all like to get on the internet, but sometimes we can find something that isn't quite age appropriate for our young kids age level. That is why it's important to have our parents sitting right beside you. This away we can have help and let our exploring be safe and fun at the same time. So when you start to travel in the far off Cyber Space make sure that you have an older adult or parent right there with you. This is just one of the many rules of being a great Cyber Citizen. Throughout the rest of the week we will learn a lot more rulese of being a great Cyber Citizen.

Exploring Cyber Space with ABC's

Interet Safety Activity

You will work in groups with other students. There are older students from the high school that have came down to work with you on this project. Becasue we can't forget that when we get on the internet we need an older person to help us. You will find a picture of soemthing that starts with each of the letters fo the alphabet. You will print these off, and they will become our ABC books for our classroom. Make sure that picture starts with the letters' sound.