Raising Global Awareness

4th Grade EMIS


Personal Vision:

The technology we infuse in the classroom today should be designed to create the world leaders of tomorrow.

Shared Vision

To engage students with technological learning tools that offer to enhance their skills in exploration, collaboration, empathy, communication, and creativity which will allow with freedom of experimentation, nurturing relationships so they are prepared for the future in global community leadership.


Essential Question

How can we help people from diverse cultures feel welcome in our community?


We hope to use our awareness of holidays and traditions to be more sensitive and welcoming of people with various traditions and to determine actions we can take to improve our community in this way.

Teacher Collaboration!

Working as a team!

I am collaborating with three other 4th grade teachers to team teach our students and provide global lessons and experiences. We each thought of people we knew from other countries and developed a list of countries we could interact with in some way. Looking at our 2nd quarter standards, we developed activities for each lesson that would help us accomplish these quarterly goals while globalizing our classroom. The plan is to use an hour block towards the end of the day in for 2 weeks Monday-Thursday. Each teacher will teach 1 lesson a week to each of our four classes.
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It is our goal to have students be reflective of our newfound global awareness and put that knowledge to work! There are 3 extensions to further our study of culture. Our next step is to connect with other classrooms versus simply learning about their culture.

Interpretation of Vision

By becoming more aware and sensitive to other cultures through readings and experiences, students can be better prepared to lead in the future. The diversity of this project is designed to create future leaders who are ready to serve a diverse population. Technology is the tool teachers will use to bridge this global understanding of cultures and traditions from our classroom in Mooresville.