Reading Update: Notes from Room 224

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This month has flown by! The children are really hitting their stride and I am continually impressed by the way they treat each other, how hard they work, and the creative thoughts and work they share in class.

We have spent the last few weeks finishing up our unit, "A Delicate Balance: Humans and Nature". Students explored mostly non-fiction texts and learned about positive and negative interactions betweens humans and nature. This spilled over nicely to our Science Unit, "Saving the Chesapeake Bake"! As a final project, the children completed an endangered animal research report. They sharpened their research skills and by using a variety of graphic organizers, they were able to gather important information which they used to write a short report. They also worked on a visual to accompany this report. They will present their project next week during American Education Week. Hopefully you can join us. You will not be disappointed! Next week, we will be moving on to Unit 2, which will be "Stories that Teach". This unit will focus on fables, folktales and myths.

Reading/Language Arts Online Resources

Here at Mays Chapel Elementary, the students are incredibly lucky to have their own laptop to work on every day in school. It is amazing to watch how adept they are with technology! Many of you have inquired about resources they can use at home to support what we are doing in school in the area of Reading. Here is a list of some of the ones I find useful for our group of students. Be sure to give me feedback as you find ones that work (or don't work) for your child. Enjoy!

Reading Websites

  • - This is a great website that presents a student generated question every day. Each question's answer includes and article, video and pictures explaining the response. It's a great, educational resource.
  • - This is a great for practicing parts of speech. Have fun creating your own crazy tale in this Mad Libs online game.
  • - This website offers practice with comprehension. Students can select passages and are given the opportunity to respond to open ended questions.
  • - This is a wonderful website where students can select a book and listen to a story teller read it as they follow along.
  • - Biblionasium is a way for students to track the books they've read online, as well as view books their classmates have read. They can also review and rate books once they add them to their digital bookshelf.

Writing Websites

Some on my favorite Apps

  • Story Wheel - In this app, story elements are chosen to record an original story.
  • Word Wit - This is an app to practice vocabulary. It includes description, word origins and quotes from literature.
  • Spelling City - This app offers reinforcement of spelling words.
  • Word Bingo - This fun app teaches kids sight words while they play a game they love!
  • BOB Books - Reading Magic - This app offers interactive and decodable books identical to the print series and reinforces reading fluency.
  • Kids Writing Pad - This app offers a basic large writing pad for practice with handwriting and written expression.

As always, thank you for your support and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Mrs. Jones