the down fall of the country....


* odorless,tastelessand colorless.

* can cause a a person to go unconsious

* you can drink it, take it in pill form, or snort it

* can cause coma or breathing difficulties.


* yes, you get big but its a lot easier to rip or tear a muscle.

* street names: roids or juice.

* they ways you can use it is by a cream you rub on your body, shoot it , or take the pills


*highly addictive

*makes you feel a "RUSH" then drowsiness.

* can lead toblood clots, organ failure, and numerous diseases.

* can be shot, snorted or, smoked.

*users who shoot heroin can get HIV/AIDS or hepatitis.

Collision Course: Teen Addiction Epidemic /


* street names: angel dust, ozone, wack, rocket fuel.

* can cause you to do things to put your life in danger

* may cause delusions, hallutionations, disorderd thinking, extreme anxiety.

* can eb snorte, smoked, or eaten.

PCP/Angel Dust


* can be sold as tablets, capsuls,liquid, or on absorbed paper

* can be used as pills, mixed with other liquid as that form, smoked or it can desolve in your mouth.

*street names: acid, blotter, dots.

* causes you to do things that put your life in danger.

* "trips" can be as long as 12 hours with large doses.


* street names: speed, meth, chalk, ice, crystal, glass

*highly addictive

* side effects: severe dental problems , high body temperature, violent behavior

* all users but piticurlaly those who inject the drug riskgetting HIV/AIDS or hepatitis.

Crystal Meth Before & After and its Devastating Effects