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To think about:

Does anyone have a booth idea for the LPS Diversity Festival?

Send me a list of any capital expenditures you want me to request.

Have all of our students signed the AUP?



8:30 AM: Center Alternative Principal Visit


10:30 Dr. Moore Walkthrough

BIST--PM (Please let Melissa know if you want to meet with her!)


12:00 TABE Test


Hotdog BBQ Lunch

Upcoming Dates: September

NEE: Unit of Instruction

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Week of October 7 SEL Lesson

Lesson 7: How Thoughts Affect Feelings and Behavior (power the thoughts have over emotions and behavior)

  1. Circle: Define self-talk (things we say to ourselves,usually about ourselves) and share things that you tell yourself (we all do it whether we realize it or not). Is your self-talk positive or negative? Share examples.

  2. Skill Introduction:

    1. Define self-talk.

    2. Self-talk can be + or -

    3. These thoughts have a lot of power to influence our feelings and actions, even when we aren’t fully aware of our self-talk or its effects.

    4. By becoming aware and working to shift them from - to +, we can have a + impact on our feelings and behaviors. Self-talk can tell you how you are feeling and how to react even when you’re not aware of it.

    5. Sometimes our feelings are more likely to overwhelm us when we use self-talk that is negative and exaggerated. Acknowledge when bad things happen and know it’s ok to feel upset when they do. But repeating negative self talk over and over again makes it worse. A cycle that never ends.

    6. To cope with negative self-talk, the FIRST step is to be aware of it.

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Executive Functioning Skills Focus (Increasing Staff "Language" with Students)

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Can we start being intentional about our conversations about task initiation and time management with our kids?

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