Business Etiquette is on a Decline


Topic Information

Going into business, I've noticed that many places have become more relaxed in how they do things. In International Business, many cultures do or will look down upon our "relaxed" society. I do not want that to be an issue when I go into the workforce.

Thesis Statement

With the increase of using gadgets in the business realm, etiquette seems to be decreasing, which send a sloppy messages to people and disrespects the company; workplaces also need to watch the dress codes because even though it is harming the workplaces, some tend to disagree.

My first thesis started out with only three points and the third point was about location. I didn't find any information over the location of businesses. It also did not have an opposing view. I changed it to have more information, new points, and opposition, and for it to sound more smooth.

Main Ideas

Use of Gadgets

Businesses have used new technology to make their offices run more smoothly and efficiently, but people have started using technology for personal use. They will take personal calls in meetings, while examing patients, or will just being on the job. Technology can also create a barrier between employee and co-workers or boss.

Sloppy Message

Business depends highly on the people who represent companies so they must be careful with everything they do and say. People do not realize the impact their attitude has on business and it harms the consumer/supplier relationship. Even something as simple as dining is being watched and judged.

Disrespect of Comapany

Most people do not realize what they are doing is wrong. If they grew up doing a disrespectful habit, it could be difficult to think it is wrong. Speaking and acting around higher business people has become more relaxed around each other. People are always watching, even through personal life and it all reflects on the company.

Causal Dress

Business attire reflects the business. Many companies have resorted to an every day business causal. This hurts the image because of the way people perceive them. Even if a company has a more strict dress code, some companies do not enforce them, also harming the company.


Some say that people are thankful for the relaxed dress codes saying that it is not effecting the business. They also think that younger people are driving away the causal dress. Clients are wanting to work with someone who knows what they are doing and saying; they also want someone who looks the part.


They Said It Best

Cool Factly Things

Many companies have dress codes that are not enforced.
80% of people recognized rudeness in businesses.
58% would start working with another company.
North American Etiquette Companies
Out of 752 adults, 6 out of 10 thought using phones in public was a "Major irritation."
University of Michigan

Hey! I Actually Learned Stuff

I learned how there are so many services dedicated to teach business etiquette.
There are professional businesses like Vodafone Ireland that allow their employees to wear jeans and T-shirts.
Dirty glasses create an appearance of negligence.

Problems That I Kinda Overcame

At the beginning I had trouble finding sources and finding things that fit with my points
I made myself not procrastinate so that I would not get behind. I also was gone many days while we were working that I knew I had to work outside of class.