Director of Catering

By Jordan Olsen and Juan Flores


Catering directors meet up with potential clients to determine the needs of the event. They may also plan the meal for a birthday party, prom, funeral, or nonprofit gala.

  • Some times self-employed
  • Often work in large hotels
  • See the event from start to completion

Responsibilities/ Duties

Responsible for the

  • Event planing
  • Food service
  • Menu
  • Clean up
  • Customer Satisfaction

Work Environment

  • Dynamic and fast paced
  • On feet for long hours
  • Demanding
  • Stressful
  • Constantly changing
  • Work Holidays, nights and weekends
  • Adaptability

Skills Required

Good communicator

Excellent customer-service skills

Think on their feet

Be able to manage a large staff

Education Requirements

No formal school requirements

Most directors have taken several food service and hospitality classes

Do need a variety of licenses depending on what state they operate in.


About $50,000 in September of 2009

They also may receive addtional commission depending on the company they work for.