Hutcheson Jellyfish Weekly Update

December 1-5, 2014


Welcome to December everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable and restful Thanksgiving holiday. It's hard to believe that our winter break is just three weeks away! There is still much work to be done in third grade before December 19th, though. Please take a look at what is coming up this week.


Please follow the link to the Spanish website to learn about what is coming up in the weeks ahead.


We continue our study of addition strategies and problem solving. This week we will continue practicing strategies--such as regrouping--for solving two, three, and four-digit addition problems. We will also be focusing on problem solving strategies and learning how we can use model drawing to solve word problems


This Wednesday's Vocabulary assessment has been moved to Thursday. Having been away from these words to give the kids a bit more time with these words. Please visit the vocabulary website this week with your child to help them study for the assessment on Thursday. Tomorrow and Wednesday night's homework will be to study our words from Unit 4.

Reading Workshop

This week we are focusing on character, more specifically, making a movie in our minds as we are drawn into a character's perspective. We will also be working on monitoring ourselves as we read, making sure that the reading is making sense but also for complacency. We need to have fixed strategies as we wake ourselves up, remind ourselves to envision as we read.
We will also be focusing on empathy, specifically how readers empathize with characters by making connection between a character's experience and our own.

Writing Workshop

This past week, we looked at a mentor text to examine different kinds of leads to our writing. We also have been working on rehearsing our stories out loud with partners, telling the stories over and over again so that they come out naturally AND with more detail. Today, we started with flash drafts, fast and furious writing stemming form our new leads we have employed.