by: Rainbow Rowell

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Book Review by Aleena Calicutt

Struggles of life and finding happiness are phrases to describe Fangirl. Fangirl is about a girl named Cath, she is a shy, quiet girl whose only friends are the ones on the internet and in her fanfictions. This story takes you through her journey of trying to handle college, her twin sister Wren, and boys while trying to continue being a Simon Snow fan and write her fanfiction. Cath struggles with trying to have the dame relationship with her sister but, her sister is partying, drinking, and making new friends. Also, Cath deals with her roommate’s friend Levi, who likes Cath, and he is a smart, witty farm boy. Levi shows Cath how to let lose a little on the fanfiction writing and have some fun, and maybe a love forms from it.

When Levi tells Cath to read him the fanfiction she had wrote, it shows the readers that not everyone think it’s weird to write fanfiction. When Levi tells her to read to him you can tell Cath is nervous about telling him her stories. She starts out with a simple story first so she can see how he will react. When she sees that his reaction is more than disgusted it’s actually the opposite she is relieved and also confused. Before she can ask Levi what he thinks Levi interrupts with a swarm of questions. She tells Levi to slow down and then proceeds to answer his questions. She is so happy to know that he was intrigued by her story.

To anyone looking for a good love story or stories about teenagers then this is the book for you! Fangirl is a book you will not want to put down once you pick it up. Rowell choices of words, phrases, and how to use them draws you in from the first sentence. Fangirl is just one of those books you can relate to, you relate to the problems Cath is going through or maybe you relate to another character. It doesn’t matter. Everyone can relate to this book, so I suggest you give this a read.

Carry On

Carry On was just released this fall by Rowell. You're actually introduced to this book in Fangirl, because this is the fanfiction Cath was writing about Simon and Baz falling in love. Although it won't be the version Cath wrote. Rowell will still capture your attention even if it's not with her own characters.

Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell lives with her two sons and husband in Nebraska. She has wrote many other books like, Eleanor & Park and Carry On that was just released this fall. Rowell is an extraordinary writer, her details to words and characters draws you in from the first chapter.