FSES Friday Focus #3

We love our people!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Dear Staff,

We love this job so much because every year brings new learning and experiences for us. Building leadership capacity is an important area of focus for us with our staff and students. This week really embodies all of that.

First, our first Spirit Assembly was a huge success! Jill Scharl did a fabulous job organizing this event and creating a special way to honor our school leaders. We are looking forward to watching our committee work unfold and thank all of our teachers for supporting this important work. Thank you to Caitlin Brown for contributing the music. What an inspirational and appropriate song. By the way, those grade level chants were awesome! We can't wait to watch Bamboo dance to them again soon!

Second, our McLean Pyramid Professional Development looks to be a very exciting morning of collaboration and learning. As a small school, it is particularly valuable for us to have the opportunity to share and learn from other colleagues. We are sure you will be serving as exemplars based on the instruction we have seen so far. Cindy Merritt has done a great job working with Laura Swann to lead the facilitators. Further examples of our leadership in action!

And finally, we look forward to our instructional assistants participating in our school training to support their learning and important role in our instruction and school.

We know you are ready for three day weekend. We hope it brings you rest and relaxation. Thank you for all you do!

Kathy & Josh

Required Training - Cultural Proficiency

As the Fairfax County student population and community become increasingly diverse, it is critical that all FCPS employees understand the importance of cultural proficiency. To achieve that goal, all FCPS employees will be required to view four Cultural Proficiency video modules, one this fall, and three in the 2017-18 school year. The first module must be viewed by the second school planning day, November 7, 2016. Listed below are links to the Cultural Proficiency Module 1 video and reflection and discussion questions for both school-based and central office staff:



After viewing the module, you are encouraged to discuss professional connections by referencing the reflection and discussion questions. There are multiple questions to choose from. Print the questions and highlight the one you discussed with your team. Teams leaders must certify that all members of their team (including IAs) have participated in the training by 11/7.

Required Training - My Time due by 10/25

FCPS will soon transition from recording employee time and attendance on paper to doing so online. The new system, MyTime, will simplify the process for submitting and approving or denying time worked and leave requests. When MyTime is available throughout FCPS, all employees will enter time worked and/or leave requests electronically.

You are required to complete training, which will be online (in the form of an eLearnIT course).

After employees have completed the required system training, MyTime application experts will be onsite at your school for one day to offer demonstrations and system training support. Your school‘s learning support visit is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Share Your Good News

Don't forget to share your events/classroom activities with Bryn to publicize. There's so much going on at FSES everyday and we want our community to know about it!

Establish Mathematics Goals to Focus Learning

The article at the following link is a great resource for how to establish math goals and why it's important. Please read pages 12-16 so you can share your thinking with your team.


Be a Joiner!

Please join PTA. Forms were in your box and there is no fee for staff. PTA appreciates your support!

Please join Social Club. The work of this committee makes helps us build relationships and create a fun work environment for all of us.

Move’m or Lose’m

According to Engaging Schools consultant Michele Tissiere, students who are stationary for too long can become distracted or distractors. As a result, student energy ebbs and focus fades. Tissiere recommends a protocol called 30/90/10 (Move’m or Lose’m). At least once every 30 minutes, students get out of their seats for 90 seconds and move at least 10 feet. The strategy raises heart rates and epinephrine levels, which prepares students for energetic action. engagingschools.org

Staff Celebrations - Way to Go!

Thank you to Cindy Merritt for always being there to help us out. Whether it is something new to learn on the computer, or an aspect of curriculum, she can explain it. Her caring attitude is appreciated.

Thank you Leo and Steve for all of your help setting up for the assembly this week.

Thank you Caitlin for so readily agreeing to work with our students to craft up a song to perform this week at the assembly. Also, all of your hardwork making sure the sound system was working properly really paid off!

Thank you, Cindy Merritt! I am so grateful to you for taking the time to answer so many questions and for your insights.

Kathy and Josh, Thank you for making our school AMAZING! Low stress level at the beginning of the school year is key to a positive staff!

A shout out to Cindy Merritt who does so much for everyone in the building. Thank you for always helping me and others in a moment's notice.

Thanks to Rebecca Kaufman, who stepped up immediately and covered my afternoon duty when I had to leave for an emergency.

Lisa Malakoff went out of her way this week to help one of my students. She helped a student through a plan he created to be successful in specials. She provided the student with encouragement and was flexible as the plan was brand new and she went right along with it! Thanks Lisa!

Staff Birthdays

There are no staff birthdays this upcoming week.


Oct. 10 Columbus Day Holiday

Oct. 13 RI Mtg. (8:15-9:00 a.m., conference room)

Oct. 13,14 6th Grade at Hemlock

We're here to make good things happen for other people!