Brainstorm Beautifully

Add LucidChart to Drive

Students can easily add LucidChart to Google Drive by clicking Create in Drive and Connecting to More Apps. They can search for LucidChart and connect to it there. This will allow them to save and access their flowcharts from their Google Drive. Students can also collaborate on flow charts, diagrams and sketches in drive.

Flow Charts

Students can easily create flow charts by selecting the flow chart Icons on the left side. When using these tools, the shapes automatically add a Yes when the student draws a line to the next shape. If they draw an arrow back to a previous shape, it adds a no. This takes out a lot of the hassle that comes with creating digital flow charts.


Students can easily use a template to create mind maps for brainstorming. They can create their own or use a template. Instructions on how to easily add child and parent categories are located in a note on the document.


By sharing the LucidChart in Google Drive, students can collaborate on a document in real time. This is beneficial for group brainstorming and projects.