K of C Council 9884

Newsletter July 2016

July Calendar

July 2 - Rosary for Life - St. Philip's Mary Garden - 8:00 AM

July 4 - Independence Day

July 4 - Patriotic Rosary - St. Philip's Mary Garden - 8:00 AM

July 7 - Business Meeting - CLC 7:30 PM

July 10 - Pancake Breakfast - CLC - 7:00 AM

July 10 - First Degree - CLC - 1:00 PM

July 14 - 4th Degree Meeting - CLC - 6:30 PM

July 21 - Planning Meeting - Classroom - 7:30 PM

July 27 - Western Metroplex Chapter Meeting - TBD

Service Years

Name ------------------------------- Years

Dennis Bozimowski ---------------5

Rolando Castillo --------------------5

Henry Ceballos ---------------------6

Anthony Cucinotta ---------------20

Phillip Castro -----------------------21

Israel Maskill -----------------------22

Franklin Sikich ---------------------26

Thomas Salata ---------------------26

J Hughes -----------------------------28

Charles Beachley -----------------28

Ronald Gourlie --------------------28

Jerome Weber ---------------------28

Eric Linton --------------------------28

William Massoth -----------------28

Thomas Skaugen ----------------28

Richard Freibert ------------------28

2016 Officer and Activity Director Positions

Position -------------------Name ------------------Phone Number ------------------Email

Grand Knight -----------Dan Jacobs -----------972-824-9139 ---------------carsrfun2@yahoo.com

Deputy Grand Knight- Louis Hernandez --214-300-1931--------hernadez.louie@verizon.net

Chancellor----------------Mark Miles-----------469-644-3383---------------mgmiles9@verizon.net

Recorder------------------Ed Wesley------------972-906-8848---------------edjodiw@yahoo.com

Warden--------------------Sean McIntyre------817-996-0891-------------smcintyre@alumni.nd.edu

Treasurer-----------------Jim Scranz------------903-575-7345----------------jschranz7@gmail.com

Financial Secretary----Mike McArdle-------214-415-0427-------Michael_mcardle@verizon.net

Inside Guard--------JeremyStephens-2147706882-jeremystephens@catholicexchange.com

Outside Guard--------Royce Kenas---------214-492-9885------------alexkenis@hotmail.com

Advocate----------------Mike Crivello---------972-754-0804-----------macrivello@hotmail.com

1 Yr Trustee-----------Steve Robillard-------817-797-7347----------steven.robillard@verizon.net

2 Yr Trustee-----------Phil DelVecchio------972-679-5780------------phil@phildelvecchio.com

3 Yr Trustee-----------Eddie Martinez-------214-205-8502--------------rpls5274@yahoo.com

Chaplain---------------Fr. McDaniel-----------817-504-1313--------fathermcdaniel@stphilipcc.org


Church Activity Director

Community activity Director-David Jones---972-510-9275----------davidejones@verizon.net

Council Activity Director--Paul Kelleher----214-500-8919-----------paulkelleher8@gmail.com

Family Activity Director--Sean McIntyre--817-381-5342-------------shaqintyre@hotmail.com

Youth Activity Director--Paul Cushman--402-210-6224------------disiscush1972@yahoo.com

Respect for Life Act. Dir.---Tom Mazur-----469-964-6435-------------themaz1@verizon.net

Public Relations/Website--Bill Niederstadt--972-489-4144------bill_niederstadt@dell.com

Membership----------Terrance Brown--------817-726-6425--------terrance_23313@msn.com

Retention--------------Alan Harris---------------972-841-3168-------awharris46@gmail.com

Vocations---------------Bob Dubek-------------214-784-5189--------------rddubek@msn.com


Casino Manager-----Bill Miller-------------469-223-2285-------------wmj2582@verizon.net

Casino Operations

July Birthdates

BirthDay Name

7/1 Press Theriot

7/2 Joe Standridge

7/4 Thomas Moore

7/4 Nathaniel Russ

7/4 Kevin Simacek

7/7 James Schranz

7/10 Jose Rodriguez

7/11 James Rodgers

7/11 David Duncan

7/13 Walter Johansen

7/14 Nelson Treadway

7/14 David Garner

7/14 Gilbert Lopez

7/14 John Goodpaster

7/19 Paul Gaines

7/23 Thomas Atchison

7/23 Bill Henderson

7/24 Robert Forsyth

7/24 Sean Weber

7/25 Matthew Walker

7/29 Patrick Halbach

7/29 Cletus Nurre

7/29 Le Roy Terrio

7/29 Hugh Mc Dade

Grand Knight Report

  • Well it has been one day since the title of Grand Knight has fallen
    behind my name. The idea of what can be done from this position is
    very humbling to me. Only the dedication of all of you can make this next
    two years good. It will be faith and commitment that will help
    us all continue to grow our council to the level so many of our charter
    members envisioned for us 25 years ago. And also what Father
    McGivney had as a vision for us so many years ago. I will promise to
    you to always keep things light. Keep things with only the best interest
    for all in mind. I really hope all of you find it in your heart and mind to
    answer that phone call or reply to that email when there is a plea for
    help. I have committed members on the team of Council 9884. They
    want it to be good for all the members of the council, not just a few.
    When they reach out to you, PLEASE respond.
    My beautiful wife Brenda has helped me to put this little notice or
    newsletter together. I am not looking for it to be more than information to the
    Council. It might grow it might not. I will do my best to get it out each
    month before the meeting and it will be in a form you can print and
    post on your fridge. It will have the birthdays and the anniversaries.
    That is what I will guarantee. Anything else is a bonus.
    Next Month there will be a small survey for all to fill out. I have had a
    lot of people ask me why I don’t do something this way or that. So we
    want to look at those ideas and see what we might like to change.
    I will see you all next week!!

Motions for the July 7th meeting

  • Event Amount Person BudgetYes/No/Where
  • Pancake Breakfast 7/10 $300 Kevin Simacek Yes PCB Line
  • Natn Undr God Magnets $300 Paul Kelleher No GK Discretionary fund
    Keep Christ in C Magnets $300 Paul Kelleher No GK Discretionary fund
    Dinner and Table Sponsor $350 Dan Jacobs Yes ( Religious App Dinner)
    Charity Funds for Item Purch $3000 Louis Hernadez Yes Covering our Charity