Full Board Meeting Minutes

Sorry this is so late this week guys! It was a busy one!

Week in Review:

Sunday NO FB

Bobcat of the Week

This week's bobcat of the week goes to Gaby Kraal for being outstanding at GTS and recruiting new members! She went above and beyond by going up to strangers and spreading the word!


Paw Props this week goes to everyone who put in extra time at GTS. We really appreciate your dedication!

You Rock Award

This week the You Rock Award was passed from Tracy to Cristina for getting lunch with her earlier this week and doing a great job recruiting new members at GTS! YOU ROCK!

Presidential Notes


Office Hours by appointment.

No FB this week because of the Super Bowl- you're welcome.

Case went super well last weekend. Thanks to all of you who volunteered you're time and attended or worked the conference. Extra thanks to those who stood out in the cold.

Find updated points, finance records, and shared documents here.

Katrina and the OUAA

Night of networking- Put on by the OUAA for students. The event is surrounding the carer fair and will feature bobcat recruiters who are in attendance at the career fair.

Legacy Scholarship- Apply online! You are eligible if either your parents or grandparents graduated form OU. It's a $1000 reward which is pretty cool!

HC theme is....


"All roads lead home"

Melissa and Membership

Email the MelKel for absences at sabmembership1804@gmail.com, please CC the respective VP in any emails regarding absences to Melissa. This is especially important for mandatory events.

Kate and Communications


Let Kate know if your interested. Still $35. Still Medium. Still running a little big. Still Awesome.

Here is the link to the view only document for the hats.

Hats are $10, featuring an adjustable brass buckle, dark green fabric, and white embroidery across the front. They're ordered, no changes will be made to orders. If your name was on the document at 11:59 pm on Sunday January 24 you will be required to pay for your hat. Thanks for all the interest guys! They're going to look super cool!

Hats will be handed out at our next FB meeting. Please bring you're money to pay Hannah.

We have two extra that will be sold on a first come first serve to the two people who have money to pay Hannah.

Here is the link to sign the interest document for the water bottles.

Water bottles are 32oz Nalgenes featuring some to be determined design. May be dark green, mint green, white, or possibly other colors.

Hannah and Finance

Dues are due. At this point if you have not paid or given Hannah a "valid excuse" you will not be included int he incentive program. Even though you are not int he incentive program you are still required to pay the dues for the semester.

New Incentive Program

Now how three options. You may choose to get your money back for spring semester, not pay for next fall, or you may choose to put your money towards apparel items (that means free stuff). Please note that if you paid for both semesters in the fall you are eligible for the incentive program this semester as well.

Sorry guys, forgetting is no longer a valuable excuse to be included in the incentive program. Hannah will however still be lenient with valid reasons as to why you are late, but you MUST let her know what's up.

Payment of all items is due 2 weeks after receipt.

Financial Tip: If you live off campus don't use your heat if you don't have to. This will help keep your electric/gas bill down. Open the windows if it's nice out and only use the heat if it's cold. Consider putting it at a lower setting in the winter, and a little higher in the summer so you use less energy to keep your home comfy.

Phil and Alumni Engagement

OUAA is paying for 8ish students to go to DC networking week at volunteers for the event due on orgsync by Friday Feb 5 at 5:00. Lots of panels for you to go to. Your job will be to help get people from point A to point B, but you'll have plenty of time to participate in the event as well!

Fill out this form to be considered.

Sierra and Professional Development

Office hours 3-5 at Ct Street Coffee; availability gegotiable

PUBLISH ON LINKED IN- such a great opportunity to gain visibility

If you have any inclination to write, or anything experiences you think would be great to share.

USED LINKED IN TO NETWORK- you don’t even know how great of a tool it is.

Seriously. Linked In. Seriously.

Mini mentor sessions- let sierra help you learn to network. She really wants to get to know you.

Leadership retreat happening in March. Allan McMillan will be peaking and he's great, so search him and watch some videos of him speaking. Mark your calendar for March 20th!

Advice- Download "Headspace." It's an app designed o help you meditate and relieve your stress.

"The resources are still there"

There are plenty of Professional Development resources here- check it out for tips and tricks!

Allison and Student Outreach

Looking into some changes to GTS for next semester.

Let Allison know about your ideas and suggestions to make this even better than ever!

Founder's Day

Feb. 18 from 5:30 to 8:30

Save the date! Baker Birthday Bash

1 shift will be mandatory. The event is a collar with ISU, UPC, and BSCPB.

Follow us on your social media accounts!


Facebook: Student Alumni Board

Alysha and Fundraising

Alysha is holding a contest for the planner design of our planners for next fall. The theme must be centered on all of Ohio, nut just Athens bc they will be used across the state at branch campuses. We'll be inviting the whole campus to get involved to make things a little more... interesting ;)

You will receive a point for your submission. The winner will receive a $50 gift card for Amazon.com.

You have until Feb 15!

Amanda and Philanthropy

We collect 5 full bags of clothes to donate to My Sister's Place. YAY!

BOTB PM is...


Anna Seethaler! You go girl!

FYI- If you attend an additional volunteer op, you will be offered a point. This is retroactive to past opportunities you may have attended. To prove your attendance you can take a picture at the event or send her a copy of a ticket, program, etc. Anything to show you were there. This si necessary to earn your point.

Check out the Powerpoint for an extra volunteer opportunity!

Emily and Internal Activities

Appetizer "tappas" night at KAC Wed Feb 10.

Bring yourself get a point, bring a tappa get a point.

Senior Spotlights

Send them to Emily!


Will be held March 11 at Eclipse. Details coming about shuttling.

The theme? A night at the Oscars.

Justin and Member at Large Info

Office Hours Monday from 9-11am

Let him know if you have important things going on in your life or in your friends lives. He will send them wishes of luck, congratulations, etc at meetings!

Amanda has an internship opportunity in CBus. Good Luck girly!

His contact info:



End of Meeting Announcements

Kate- We have one M Jacket for sale! Contact Kate with interest!

That's all folks.

Until next week. This is Kate Stone with your meeting minutes.