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Now that we are preparing to collect tablets the roar of "But...", "We need them...", You wanted us to use the, now that we are you are taking them away..." - We know and understand the cries but with testing quickly approaching in just a few instructional days tablet inventory is very extensive. Now look how much some of you have grown to love and live with the tablets. When true personalization begins to happen the technology does not become a want but a need in order to meet each individual student where they are. The tablets or technology will NEVER replace good teaching. Do what you do best in the absence of the tablets...TEACH!

Tablet Collection

A brief description in what happens.

There will be teams of Amplify and GCS representatives deployed to each school to assist with collection to make sure there are a number of things that happen.

1. Tablets have to cleaned.

2. Tablets have to labeled to be deployed for next year.

3. 8th grade tablets have to be wiped completely.

4. Media Specialist have to assess fines and tag them to students for EVERY student that does not turn in a charger.

5. Tablets must be stored for the summer.

Need help backing of documents and assignments to OneDrive?

One Drive Upload for Large FiIes (Video)

This video is to supplement the Power Point if you need extra help.


Below are my favorite strategies to assist students in testing. There are some students that just got it and other students that need to have a plan in place to attack the End of Grade testing. I found that the strategies along with CONSECUTIVE High Growth. Let me know if you want to meet with me on how I used these or even model a lesson with your class.
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This strategy is used to determine the purpose of the questions that are being asked. This strategy also assists with determining how to answer the questions based on the way that it is asked, or the word choice of the question.

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Say Something

This strategy provides students with opportunities to construct meaning and monitor their understanding. It establishes a very clear and simple method for helping students make clear connections to text, especially when the material is especially complex.

Strategy was modified to be used in Math class as well.

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The PLC: The Personalized Learning Conference

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Remember the tablet was never needed to personalized. It's purpose was to enhance, not replace. Take a look at the many things you can still do!

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No Tablets, Now What?