Universal Design for Learning - UDL

Accessibility in Distance Learning

Guidance to Teachers and Related Service Providers

  • Examples of Distance Learning Sessions (Leala Baker)

    High Desert ESD AT Resources and Cheat Sheets

  • General guidance

  • Lesson templates-sped as well as gen ed

  • Frequency of meeting with students synchronously (2-3x weekly)

  • Consider making short tutorials or tip sheets highlighting accessibility features and/or using external at tools with existing online resources and curriculums

  • Flipped instruction

  • Administration

  • State guidance

  • Administrative decisions

  • Role of Administration in support of related services and AT (Leadership, Management, Supervision, and Program Evaluation and Improvement)

  • Content delivery-Low incidence, high incidence

  • Curricula used by district

  • Synchronous or asynchronous instruction

  • Accessibility features

  • General Ed

  • District level guidance

  • Guidance for students with disabilities included in classroom

  • We have our paraprofessionals joining in with students remotely to help clarify and support access the general education curriculum, accommodating content, and helping teachers create materials (with sped and gen ed direction).

  • Special Education

  • We are encouraging most our special education teachers to focus on inclusion access to the general education curriculum

  • before worrying about resource room activities and remediation

  • Use of dedicated AT with Content (Interoperability)

  • Roles and uses of paraprofessionals.