5 Goals

By: Montserrat Nunez

My 5 goals for 2nd semester

1. I want to participate and join after school programs

2. I want to finish all my work with out having to make up work.

3. I want to become a better person

4. I want to get all my credits

5. I want to pass all my classes

How am i going to accomplish

accomplishing my 5 goals

I am going to accomplish my goals by doing a checklist of what I want to do and cross out what I did and what I didn't do. I am going to finish all my work and do extra work. I am going to pay more attention. I am going to do better than I did last semester. I am going to get all A's or B's. I will join a program and a sport. Lastly I am going to participate and help out more.
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