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Sam Holz: Making Vet Visits Less Stressful For Cats

Cats are independent and territorial animals by nature, which can make a visit to the vet all the more stressful. Sam Holz feels that it is important to point out that being exposed to unfamiliar surroundings and completely new smells is likely to make your cat anxious and could lead to them acting out when they arrive, so it is important to do what you can to keep them calm. The following tips should all help.

Find the Right Vet

You need to ensure that your vet understands cats and the way they are in their natural life. While most vets will be familiar with all sorts of household pets, if you can find somebody who is more of a “cat person” they will better understand how to prepare your cat for their examination, instead of simply jumping right in.

Non-Peak Hours

Try to schedule your visit during the clinic’s quietest time, as this not only reduces your pet’s contact with unfamiliar animals, but also means that you won’t have to wait as long for your appointment. This ensures your cat spends as little time as possible at the vet before returning to more familiar surroundings.


Consider bringing some small toys for your cat to play with while you wait. Bring a bag with a few treats and some of your cat’s favorite toys along with you and try to keep the animal engaged in them so that they pay less attention to their surroundings.

A Good Carrier

In most cases you will need to use a pet carrier to transport your cat to the vet, particularly as they are notorious for disliking cars. Sam Holz recommends looking for a carrier that offers some room, without being so large that the car will be able to fall around in it. Comfort is also a top priority, so ensure there is something soft for the cat to lie on and try covering the carrier with a towel during the journey to keep the cat calm.

Sam Holz - How Strong Leadership Can Grow Your Business

Sam Holz is a business developer and works to help his clients reach their business growth goals. One way many business owners have found success is through strong and impactful leadership. A ship can’t run properly without a captain and a business can’t run right without a strong leader. These tips will help you understand some of the industry secrets on how and why good leadership is essential to a growing business.

Communicate your vision. When your staff understands and believes in the company’s vision they will work harder and be more dedicated to the company’s goals. But they can’t contribute to the end goal if they don’t know the where, why, and how to get there. It is essential for a strong leader to communicate their vision, goals, and process so all members of the organization can buy in and help achieve them.

Find and develop talent. Even the best captain can’t achieve success without a great and effective team behind him. It is vital to have a strong and empowered team that you can rely on to help your business grow. Actively seek out individuals that have qualities that are missing in your organization to have the best-rounded team possible. Once they are on-board, train them extensively so they have the best chance for success in their role. And follow up frequently with both new and existing employees for further training and development so they can continue to grow in their individual roles and help the company as a whole.

These are two of many ways that strong leadership can help a business reach its goals and continue to grow. Sam Holz uses tips like these to help his clients reach their highest potential.

Sam Holz - How Branding Can Help Your Business

Business developers like Sam Holz understand how impactful branding is on business, whether they top the Fortune 500 list or are a mom-and-pop place. The power behind branding is undeniable. Although some business owner think branding is simple logo and jingle recognition, it goes much deeper. Sam Holz works to help business owners understand why branding is vital to maintain and grow your business.

Think of your business like a person. The business’s brand is like its personality. People express their personality in many different ways; the way they dress, style and color their hair, the way they speak, and how they interact with others. Your logo and slogan for your business are just a small piece of your business’s overall personality. By allowing your customers to see your company’s vision and what makes it unique, your customers get to know your business and will trust it.

They will start to buy your products or use our services because they like your business’s personality. They believe in the ideas behind it and can see value in it. Building trust through branding is a great way to establish long-lasting customers that will continue to frequent your business for years to come.

After your customers like and trust your business, they will tell their friends about it. Even though you may be selling the same product or service as countless other businesses, you have made yours unique because of the trust built with that customer. This will help to organically build and expand your customer base.

Sam Holz helps businesses reach their goals by employing a wide variety of branding techniques.

Sam Holz - Reasons to Consider Community Volunteering

Experienced community volunteer Sam Holz knows the enormous value of volunteering within and throughout one’s community; not only in terms of the gratification and accomplishment one feels after doing something positive for those in need, but also as it pertains to the betterment and improvement of the world around him. As someone dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of others, Holz knows the lasting impact lending a hand can have for oneself, the community and even the world.

Volunteering can benefit yourself, your neighborhood and those around you in many ways. Below, we explore several reasons why you should consider contributing your time and effort to a worthy local cause.

Finding Purpose

There is little doubt as to the feeling of satisfaction, sometimes profound, that a person can get from a volunteering experience. The simple act of donating your time to help others, or to support a cause you care about, may be the awakening experience you’ve been looking for; something that gives you a renewed sense of purpose and that motivates you to take steps to pursue your newfound passion.

Building Friendships/Strengthening Bonds

Sharing the volunteering experience with others, as well as the rewards of such an experience, can lead to stronger connections, even lasting friendships, with fellow volunteers, leading to the creation of bonds that can last and benefit you a lifetime.

Discovering New Skills

Any given experience may open up a plethora of possibilities for the volunteer, including the chance to discover interests and skills you may have not even known were there, or that you would have ever enjoyed otherwise. Skills uncovered through volunteering can serve you throughout your personal and professional lives.

A Colorado native, Sam Holz has learned much, and developed many new friendships, through past volunteer experiences, including within local soup kitchens and for the Boys and Girls Club.

Sam Holz - Visiting and Enjoying the Beauty of Boulder

Colorado native and Colorado University graduate Sam Holz once enjoyed the opportunity to live, work and receive a quality education within and beyond the friendly, even majestic confines of Boulder, Colorado; a place of such unique and attractive geography that even the most ardent of outdoorsmen would have a tough time passing up. Located within and surrounded by some of the most incredible natural sights on the Colorado Front Range, Boulder boasts a number of relaxing, and thrilling, recreational opportunities in the state. Opportunities to find a rewarding outdoor adventure abound in and around the Boulder community.

Recently rated the #1 Sports Town in America by Outside Magazine, Boulder offers outdoorsy-types a variety of amazing opportunities to experience and enjoy mother nature to her fullest, including:

Chautauqua Trailhead. Considered to be the gateway to the awe-inspiring Flatirons that overlook the city, the Chautauqua Trailhead offers convenient access to numerous scenic views, hiking trails, bicycling opportunities and more. Located at the base of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, Chautauqua is a stop you Boulder visitors can’t afford to overlook.

Boulder Creek. The Boulder Creek path, which runs along its namesake Boulder Creek, gives runners, joggers, bicyclists and more the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the area right in the heart of downtown, not to mention numerous chances to fish, tube, picnic or even take a refreshing dip.

Eldorado Canyon. Just west of Boulder is Eldorado Canyon, considered by many to be one of the best places to climb in the world (over 500 technical rock-climbing routes exist throughout the canyon). As well as world-class climbing, the canyon also provides the chance to fish, hike, ride horses, cross-county ski and more.

Sam Holz was born and raised in the State of Colorado, and recently graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Sam Holz - Improve Your Potential to Complete a Successful Sale

Currently an Industry Specialist with the Denver-based TalentReef, Sam Holz understands the how difficult it can be to get one’s foot in the sales profession door, particularly in an area that is so often competitive and, at times, cutthroat. Building success in the sales field, as Holz knows, takes time, as well as the ability to learn, adapt and apply to those lessons within a fast-paced environment.

Successful sales professionals understand the many subtleties involved in getting a message across to a potential client, as well as to not only complete a successful sale, but also to build on that success for years to come. Below are several basics each aspiring sales professional should perhaps consider and practice on their way to a successful career:

Listen First, Talk Later

After you’ve introduced yourself to a potential client, take a few minutes to listen to what they’re saying. Don’t jump into your pitch right away. Instead, do your best to absorb what they’re saying and what their concerns might be. This foundation of information will help immensely throughout the course of the sales process.

Ask Questions

Demonstrate your interest in the potential client’s needs by asking questions along the way; pose follow-ups that allow you to build a better client profile and to better respond to the client later with better-articulated solutions. Show the client that you care.

Sam Holz, Colorado native and CU graduate, understands the importance of building lasting relationships with prospective clients, and to work toward uncovering and providing solutions that truly meet their unique needs.