New Carlisle Elementary News

February 2019

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New Carlisle Cares about our Kids

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TEF Grant Winners

Our TLS teachers are writing grants to help buy items for their classrooms. Here are a few of the TEF Grant winners that were recognized at the basketball game. These grants help students learn by getting hands on, project based items in their hands.

Upcoming February Events

February 4 -PTO Meeting

February 5 - Interims go home

February 6 - Student Council Meeting 7:50 am

February 11-14 - Scholastic Bookfair

February 12- Parent/Teacher Conference

February 13- Parent/Teacher Conference

February 13 - 2 Hour Delay

February 15 & 18 - NO SCHOOL

February 25 -Say Something Week

Thank you for the donation, MIA!!!

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2018-2019 New Carlisle Elementary 2nd Quarter Honors

The following students made honor roll for 2nd quarter. Students who had exemplary attendance along with earning this merit are indicated with an asterisk*

4th & 5th Grade Principal’s List


Addison Accurso, Raegan Adams, Tristan Adams, Trinity Albaugh, Sofia Alexander, Megan Benton, Madisyn Betts, Tyler Butler, Madison Cauley, Destiney Childress, Austin Clark, Nolan Cornett, Layla Dawson, Yesenia Diaz, Meleny Diaz-Velasquez*, Brycen Dixon, Raegan Driscoll, Raegan Fell, Rilie Fisher, Skylar Fox, Ayden Frascone*, Gavin Frascone*, Peyton Fugate, Miles Gingrich*, Eva Grafton, Isabella Handwerker, Dylan Harwood, Mia Hoenie, Tony Jackson, Autumn Jones, Sara Kottmyer, Kathrine Kouts, Mariano Lopez Ceballos, Samantha (Abby) Manning, Isabella Martin, David Mecum, Kylee Metz, Paeten Musgrove*, Carter Olinger, Tatianna Peck, Logan Petrae*, Stryder Pritchett, Brandon Radford, Gwenneth Rhoades*, Brett Rogers-Milligan, Aylin Ruiz, Corey Russell, Samantha Russell, Mackenna Sharbaugh, Micah Sharbaugh, Hailey Spencer, Mason Spencer, Chase Stafford, Aniston Taylor*, Logan Teglas, Stella Webb, Brayden Willis, Kayla Wood, Brooklyn Woolum,

4th & 5th Grade A/B Honor Roll

Hannahlee Allender, Jayleen Arevalos Lara, Cheyenne Asbury, Braylon Augaitis, Maylin Bacon Velasquez*, Heidi Barajas Pinones, Ryan Bayless, Makayla Beckett, Fernanda Bernardino, Annabel Blackburn, Amber Blakey, Jesus Botello, Colton Bower, Destiny Bowers, Raegan Bowling, Braxton Bragg, Hayleigh Brown, Deon Byrd, Parker Carnes, Jordin Casebier*, Mackenzie Chafin, Hunter Chassereau, Scarlett Chen*, Ava Clayborn, Camila Corona, Carla Corona, Philip Curtis, Gabriel Darling*, Molly Daulton, Gabriella Davis, Noah Davis, Mason Dean*, Armando Diaz, Natalie Dix*, Jackson Donovan, Lorien Ehlinger, Lilian Emberton, Nataly Flores, Brynn Foster, Tristan Fourman, Conner Fout, Shelby Frappier, Kenzie Gantz*, Xavier George*, David Gilbert, Christian Gonzalez*, Elijah Graham, Payton Graham, Kaitlynn Grody, Kaily Harter, Raelyn Hill, Amee Hoover*, Kathryn Horn, Ellee Hughes, Amaya Jarrells, Alexis Jenney, Elianna Jones, Hannah Kennedy, Hannah Kimble, Braiden Lipker, Rieley Lokai, Bailee Martin, Hallie McDaniel, Madison McDaniel*, Saige Means, Jesus Medina Garnica, Conner Melton, Zoey Meyers, Bridget Minnick, Ivan Mireles Campos, Kaitlynn Moore, Elizabeth Moss, Layla Myers*, Riley Olinger, Ayla O'Neal, Braylon Parker*, Lauren Perry, Ava Plank, Gregory Preston, Renee Reed, Aiden Reno, Cooper Rex*, Michael Ritchie, Dayshyia (Shyshy) Roberts, Emily Roblero*, Kyle Rose, Troy Rose, Libby Runner, Jeffrey Runyon, Madison Scott, Paige Scott, Paul Sharp, Gracey Shaver, Zayne Sineff*, Brenden Slagell, Brooklyn Sloane, Madaline Snider, Maila Snyder, Edgar Solis Ponce, Zoe Swearingen, Gabriel Swigart, Carson Tarbutton, Noah Taylor, Larkin Thomas, Haylyn Thompson, Jackson Thornburg, Jaylyn Tillman*, Alayna Tobin, Ambrielle (Brie) Treon, Esther Trujillo, Alexander Van Dam, Francisco (Marco) Vargas, Thomalynn Wells, Khloe Wertz, Lanie Wilbanks, Carsen Williams, Jordan Willoughby*, Jenna Wilson*, Christian Wylie, Raelyn Young, Litzy Zapien Torres*, Maria Zapien Torres*, Gabriella Zaragoza, Isaac Zaragoza,


Emily Anuszewski, Abbie Bennett, Tesa Berner, Axel Cabrera, Luis Ceja Martinez, Alyiah Centers, Madeline Davis, Carter Diamond, Edgar Diaz-Ventura Jr., Khristiana Fenwick, Robert Fultz, Angel Galvan Rocha, Justin Galyen, Zitlaly Gonzalez, Erik Gutierrez Gallegos, Devin Hale, Bryce Heart, Aaron Helm, Annie Holt, Tyler Jackson, Brock Kendall, Alyssa Mays, Austin Meagley, Yocelyn Mendoza Esparza, Jayden Mireles, Brandon Myers, Nathan Myers, Eduardo Perez-Chavez, Michael Ritchie II, Ana Rodriguez Rivera, Daniela Ruiz, Makala Sagraves, Gustavo Sandoval Zaragoza, Kara Searcy, Zoey Sineff, Kayla Smith, Nathaniel Smith, Johnathan (JJ) Stump Jr, Darren Suther, Aydin Tillman, Aubrey Willhoite, Madden Worley, Jody Wyatt,,

4th Grade Salt Projects

Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best!

R Factor

E+R=O - Event + Response = Outcome

Our school district as well as our elementary school are in the beginning stages of sharing a life changing message with our students and staff. We call the message R Factor. We work through this structure by using the strategy of E+R=O, (Event + Response = Outcome.) This is an extremely powerful mindset that will help us all control our responses to events that happen to us everyday. If we can all learn and master this skill, we will experience better outcomes to the challenges we face in life. The message may seem simple but it is actually very difficult to master.

Title One Reading Night

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Reading Your Way Through OZ

Our amazing Title One Staff and other teachers had a Title One Reading Night for our families. They went above and beyond to make it fun for the students. They dressed in costume, had snacks and props as decorations. You really felt as though you were in OZ. All the while the students were engaged, reading and learning with their families.

5th Grade Solar System Projects



We have a district REMIND text app this year. As a family in our school district, you are already enrolled in this service. This will be helpful when you need to receive school delays and cancellations, safety information and other district related messages. The Remind App provides individual building access which means you will also get information that only applies to NCES. If your number is not on the list or you are not receiving messages, please let the office know and we will happily add your information to the Remind system. Thank you.


NCES has an Instagram account. We have 221 followers. Please follow us to see the fun and educational happenings at New Carlisle Elementary School. Tell your friends and family to join us too. I try to post pictures almost daily.

PTO We Need You!

We will be holding a Tecumseh Elementary PTO meeting on Monday, February 4 , at TMS at 7:00 pm. The following meeting will be Monday, March 4, at TMS at 7:00 pm. Everyone is welcome. PTO has their own Remind page. On your phone Type: @tecelempto in the message space, put 81010 where the number goes, and join. If you have questions please call our office at 845-4480.

PTO Skate Night - Everyone had a blast!

Child Nutrition News

Children are able to charge 3 times. After the 4th charge students will be given a turkey/cheese sandwich and carton of milk.

EZpay is a system that allows you to add money to your child's account without sending money to school. Setup is simple. If you need assistance please contact the nutrition department at 845-4519.

EZpay will allow you to receive an email alerting you how much money is in your child's lunch account. This feature can be setup in the EZpay system.

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Dismissal at NCES

Dismissal - We encourage all students to be picked up using the curb lane. This is a safety concern for our students. This way you do not have to get out of your car, students can enter the car right from the curb and there is no need for kids crossing into the parking lot.

You are welcome to park your car and walk to the doors or to the light pole at the end of the cross walk. Your student will get crossed to you safely at the light pole. From there you will be able to walk your child safely to your car. WE DO NOT LET STUDENTS WALK ACROSS THE PARKING LOT ON THEIR OWN.

Thank you for your cooperation. Our students safety is our highest concern.

Positive Referrals

The students at NCES are able to receive positive referrals from staff for going above and beyond. We are so proud of our students who have earned positive referrals during the month of January.

When students receive a positive referral their photo is taken, the receive a bracelet, candy or a pencil. Additionally, students receiving positive referrals are honored on our Chrome cast screen with their photos scrolling on the office TV all day everyday!

We hang a photo in the office and hallway of each student receiving a positive office referral and these students are also honored on our morning announcements which can be viewed on our Youtube channel. It is really exciting for our students.

Recognized for 4th Grade:

Jayden Hall, Cayden McBride, Carson Stacy, Eliza Wells, Megan Benton, Parker Carnes, Maylin Bacon, Yisel Cruz, Meleny Diaz, Rilie Fisher, Conner Fout, David Gilbert, Ellee Hughes, Conner Melton, Kaitlynn Moore, and Brie Treon.

Recognized for 5th Grade:

Carter Stapleton, Aylin Ruiz, Madisyn Betts, Sammy Russell, Hayleigh Brown, Paeten Musgrove, Zoe Swearingen, and Allen Boyle.

WAY TO GO KIDS!!!! You are the good example for others! Keep it up the great work.

Collection Corner

Plastic Caps

Wow! We have been overloaded with bottle caps. Thank you and keep them coming in. NCES along with Tecumseh Local Schools is continuing to collect the caps from plastic bottles. These caps are being collected and recycled into benches that we can put at our schools. We are using this incentive to teach our students and community to reduce, reuse, recycle. We recently sent a big box truck off to recycle with 2,000 pounds of caps! Way to go TLS! Students can bring caps into the school for tickets.

Pop Tabs

New Carlisle Elementary is continuing a school-wide collection of pop tabs. If you drink pop at home and would send the tabs in with your child we would greatly appreciate them. We also would accept dog/cat food tabs and canned food tabs. Thank you for helping with this cause. The children are really excited to help out.

Boxtops for Education

Please continue to send in Boxtops for Education. We use these funds to help buy items for the children to help support their activities that take place here at NCES. Please keep saving and sending the Boxtops and Campbell’s label proofs into school as you collect them.