Jolly OI'll Exponents

By Gabby,Lake,Jennifer and Jayna

How To Do Exponents

First you figure out what the base is (5) and then the tiny number in the right hand corner (2).You will not multiply 5x2 but you will multiply 5x5. the answer will be 25. That is how you get your answers.

Adding And Subtracting

You first are going to follow the instructions above. You do it to both exponents.Then once you figured out the answer you will add. It is the same way with subtracting.

One Easy Cheesy Strategy

When you are at your desk thinking about how to figure out what the answer is. You can look and see if the base is a 10. Then you would look at the little exponent or the number in the right hand corner. You would add that many zeros. (The little number is the numbers of zeros.

Merry Christmas

  • Have a holly jolly Christmas! Make sure you remember what exponents are and the rules.
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