By:Cam Waring

Change IN wHaT!?

The changes that happened from the start of the Reformation were religious, social, and political effects. Protestant churches flourished and there were new denominations born. Education also begins to be an important part of the church.

THe CHange WIth IT IN SOciety!

During the Reformation people who chose to see the path that the Catholic church was going toward, changed. They chose to be independent from the catholic church, and many chose to disregard and not affiliate themselves with the Pope. Those people then sought out new teachings for religion, and many found the Protestant faith, a non-catholic affiliated faith of many different teachings. These changes went on for about 50 years up to the Counter-Reformation.


Saturday, Oct. 13th 1517 at 8:15am

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As the start of the Reformation and the indulgences that make the Catholic church corrupt, I am posting the 95 Theses on the door of the castle church in Wittenburg to give the wrong doers what I think is wrong.

How Is That Change Seen In Today's Society?

In the United States, there has been a large majority of protestants. Even since the Pilgrims who broke away from the English church there have been protestants. There are several denominations of the Protestant faith, and they still do not take part with the Catholic church.