Hunger As a World Issue

Kevin Qian, Daniel McNabb

The Scale of Hunger As a World Problem

Hunger afflicts 805 million people-about 1 in 9. Most of them are located in developing countries, where 13.5% of the population is malnourished; in Sub-Saharan Africa, nearly one in four do not have enough to eat.

Despite the large number of malnourished people, the world produces enough food to feed everyone. The Earth's food production is enough to provide everyone av average of 2790 kcal, but much of this goes to waste.

Deaths From Inadequate Nutrition

With a death toll of about 7.7 million per year, a lack of food causes more deaths than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. 45% of the deaths of children under five (3.1 million) can be attributed to starvation.

Additional Problems

Starvation causes additional problems in society: Revolts due to low food supplies can spawn violence, while undernourished workers are unlikely to be productive, which in turn leads to a poor economy and nation development.
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This picture shows just some of the deaths that have occured around the world due to starvation, It's estimated about 21,000 people die every day from hunger.