Firefighter Saves Girl From Fire

By: Jada Abitz

On January 15th 2016, a house started burning in flames on 2175 Jackson St. A nine year old girl was in the house at that time.

The fire was started by a lava lamp that tipped over and caught a curtain on fire, which then started the whole house burning in flames. Their pet chihuahua came in barking and alerted the nine year old girl to the smoke and flames. The girl then went to go get her parents to call 911. Some people have said "Thanks to the chihuahua for waking her up so she could do the right thing." Other people have said "I cant believe that the chihuahua is smart enough to wake them up."

In talking with a firefighter he said that "A house fire is the scariest things that could happen to a family." House fires are often started by candles and lamps that tip over.

The family got out safely and no one got hurt. They decided to get a new house.