National Adoption Month

Come adopt a pet and give him/her a new home, full of love.

This is Rex

Rex was 3 years old. He had been waiting for a family all his life. Rex was found on the side f the road at approximately 2 weeks old. He was nearly dead of starvation and almost frozen to death, no owner or other dogs could be seen in the dark night. When we found him we surveyed the area for any other puppies and we found them and a mother. They had all died of the cold the mother had been run over by a car and the puppies were helpless. Rex was adopted just 2 weeks ago. Help us find homes for animals like Rex.

Adopt a pet

Sunday, Nov. 2nd 2014 at 7:30pm to Wednesday, Nov. 26th 2014 at 9:30pm

2701 Robious Crossing Dr

Midlothian, VA

Please come and adopt one of these lovely little animals.

Put your selves in their shoes, how do they feel.

Please come and adopt.


Opening to closing- There will be light refreshments and snacks. Every other hour we will let the animals run around in the fields and allow anyone to run and play with them.

Come Join Us (click this link to adopt online) Play and run with the puppies in and kitties find out which one you would like to take home.

There are 3 reasons why you should come and help make this holiday bigger:

1.Pets are important and deserve to be recognized

2. People need to have a reminder to adopt a pet now and then. I feel like we forget about the less fortunate in our daily lives.

3. Sometimes people need a holiday to get them in the right spirit. This would be the perfect holiday to get people in the spirit of helping creatures around them

By Zoe Brown

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