October 2015 Newsletter

Miss Daniele & Miss Ashley

Themes & Activites

Our first month of preschool was a huge success! We are really enjoying getting to know your children and are very impressed by them all. They have quickly learned our routines and expectations and it seems as though everyone has made a smooth transition. We see new friendships forming and confidence building. We are continuing to work on sharing, raising our hand during circle time and using the potty.

To start the month, we will be focusing on all things FALL! Fall is such a wonderful time for a variety of sensory experiences. We have a ton of fun activities and experiences planned as we explore the Fall season!

We will end the month with some pumpkin and Halloween fun. Watch for more information on our Halloween party to come!

For a more detailed curriculum please check our bulletin board.

Chapel Themes:

  • Hannah's Prayer
  • Helping at the Tabernacle
  • Samuel Obeys God
  • Halloween

News & Announcements

We have been observing and completing assessments of the children in preparation for conferences. Plan to meet with us Thursday, October 22nd to learn about your child's strengths, areas for growth and address any questions or concerns you may have. Watch for a sign up sheet to secure your desired conference time.

Please be guided by your child as the season of flu, fevers & other contagious illnesses are upon us. Children who have had fevers must be fever-free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. However, if your child is showing signs of lethargy, crankiness, has greenish discharge, or any other symptoms, please keep them home! Childhood illnesses are typically very contagious, and your child will not love school if they are not feeling 100%. We would really appreciate your help at home by practicing, "catch your cough", using a tissue and washing hands. Thanks in advance!





Thank you for all the donations to our classroom! We really appreciate your generosity!
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