ISST / Tech Department Updates

September 2018

ISST/Technology Purpose

To support families, schools, teachers and students to increase personal success and academic achievement.

ISST and Technology Updates

ISST Updates

  • Gradebook Standards: The state has adopted new standards for Health, PE and Social Studies. To ensure we are able to add standards to gradebooks during the school year these standards have been deleted from your gradebooks temporarily. We are working with LBL to attach the new standards to your gradebooks and will implement transition activities this school year.
  • Discovery Education/ Learn 360 / Worldbook: Many discussions were held this month regarding the use of this software. In analyzing usage reports over the summer, it became apparent that we were not fully utilizing the $10,000 price tag. I'm continuing to have discussion about all three software programs. At this time Discovery Education has been reordered and should be online by the end of the week if not sooner. We plan to educate staff during the year on it's usage. At this time Worldbook is not accessible. Learn 360 is active as well, but may be removed in the near future.
  • Requests to Professional Development: Links for professional development request form are located in your drive: Search: Professional Development Request Form. Next week we will be asking teachers to provide information regarding professional development they anticipate accessing this year. Be thinking of activities you or your colleagues may want to attend.
  • October 12 Inservice: In-service is taking shape. Next week you will receive a schedule of sessions for the morning of the 12th. The afternoon will be a building focus.
  • Curriculum Orders: The last remaining orders are continuing to trickle in. Tiffany is communicating to individuals regarding the status of their orders.

Technology Updates:

  • Teacher Messaging: A Teacher Messaging training will be held this Wednesday from 2:45-3:30 in the Santiam Room. Principals are receiving reports every Friday and it's exciting to see the amount of communications going home. 356 messages have been sent home by teachers this month so far accounting for 11,167 parent contacts.
  • Teacher Projection: Projecting your teaching is a powerful learning tool. The Tech Department continues to support teachers in this area. We do have chromebooks available to support projection of instruction.
Discovery Education Promotion

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