The Incas

How was the culture of the Inca Created

Expanding in 16th Century

The Inca was created when the empire was stretched out over the Pacific Ocean during the 16th century. After the empire stretched over the Pacific Ocean the Spanish troops came marching over to South America was from Mexico, The capital city of the Incan empire was Cuzco. It supports me that when the Incans civilization is scattered over the highlands of the Andes. Because when the Spanish troops came marching they w were going to have to establish the civilation

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The Spanish Conquest and the Inca Class

The Inca class was by the 15th century was the Spanish conquest came in South America. That’s when the Spanish conquest had come and then the Inca class started and there was a large group of people which is (supervise the day-to day operation, business, and government). It supports me that when the Incas had a class they divided into groups for jobs and buy goods.

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Their Primary Souces

The primary sources that they used books, files, and accounts, but the book was known as the Chronicles of the Incas, so they had no records at the time of the conquest. I had to explain that the Incas ere very poor even the woman because they don’t have taxes and besides they can’t be able to do jobs like’ biasness, government, and build. It supports me that the Incas made the women and themselves feel better to convince the government to supply and demand the payment of the jobs

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Religious Attire

This picture is showing me that this is a feather headdress that they wore during humans were sacrifices.

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The Incas Temple

This picture is showing a temple where they did their religion practice.

The Inca Civilization

This picture is showing me that this is a drawing that they made for their civilization.

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