Colonist News

Relations between Colonists and Native Americans

Key Events

The Fur trade between the colonists and the Native Americans has been making both sides lots of wealth.

After the French & Indian War the Native Americans that fought on the side of the french had their supplies cut off and forced to obey the rules of the british.

This made the native americans mad and that led to pontiac's war which was a native american uprising.

Important People and Groups

The French which occupied part of the colonies until the of the war

The British which occupies most of the colonies and forced the native americans to obey them

The Native Americans which fought with the French and traded with the colonists

The Colonists which just lived with the war and didn't really do anything

Geographic Locations Involved

  • The New World where this interaction happened
  • The Atlantic where ships full of people were going to the New World
  • The Ohio River Valley where the Fur Trade Happened
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The Future Relationship of Colonists and Native Americans

When the American Revolution came to an the colonists forced the Native Americans onto reservations of land and they still live there to this day. So i would say the relationship has gotten worse over the years.

Response from Europe

  • When Pontiac's War happened, the British responded with not violence but peace negotiations a year after. This allowed british to improve the policies post war. The Native Americans were okay with the new policies and went along with it.
  • When the Fur Trade started the British really wanted to seize the land where it was happening

By: Zakariye Hassan

September 24, 2015

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