Chris Rock

By Charlie Wunschel

Why is Chris Rock my role model.

Someday i want to be a comedian and do stand up comedy or at least be funny like Chris Rock he is just so funny. Some days when i am sad or mad i turn on my TV and smile and giggle from watching him tell stories of funny stuff. That is why he is my role model, someday i want to be like him making people happy on there bad days.
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Self confidence

Chris has bean put down by other people, we all have bean put down by other people, but we still got back up, that is the other reson why i look up to him, he has a lot of self confadence. I am horable at sports, well i don't even play sports, people say i am not american because i don't play foot ball, but i dont let them under my skin. I just sayin haters gona hate.

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No more room for a nother shelf

Chris has a lot of awards, i bet he worked hard for all of his awards and that is a nother reason why he is my role model he works hard at every thing he does. I work hard from time to time but not at everything, like he does.

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Voice acting

I have a lot of accents my self but i havent bean a part of a animated movie. Chris has a lot of talent to show, but i only have some talent to show, i want to be talented like Chris Rock. Actor, comidian, voice actor, what els can he acomplish. This is how Chris Rock is my role model he is very talented.
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