From Silk to Clothes

By: Mia Munoz


Have you ever seen silk before? well if you haven't I am going to tell you where does it come from how is it made and some facts!


It comes from shanghail china and that is where silk farms are and mulberry farms are. Silk worms are important to the world because of there silk!


Silk worms spin cocoons of silk threads. In the factory combines unravel the cocoons. People make the silk threads in to clothes, pjs and other materials. It gets shipped to storers so people can buy it.

Interesting Facts

The production of silk and raising silk worms is called sericulture. The silk worm is not a worm it is the caterpillar or larva of a silk moth whose latin name , boxmbyx mori means "silk worm of the mulberry tree". Silk worms only eat leaves from mulberry trees.


Maybe you wear silk pjs for bed now you know how to make silk!
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