Jordan April 8th and Mandy April 9th!

Please help us celebrate our wonderful guides birthdays.

We wanted to let everyone know that Mandy and Jordans birthday is THIS WEEK!.

We are planning on celebrating our wonderful guides' birthdays next Monday at circle time. We will include Nolan too, as she has a June birthday.

We know there is a lot going on with Casino night and the end of year fast approaching. If you would like to donate for all three guides birthdays, please go to, "friends and family", You can also leave cash or check in the office. Any amount would be much appreciated. We will tally up the final amount and will give a flower bouquet and then split evenly with gift cards.

As always, this is not obligatory and if you would like to gift on your own….please do so! Phoenix families have been so generous! Thank you! Diana & Rose

Please note….if you have already donated for the teacher fund, we have a running list.

Sign all 3 Brithday Cards this Thursday and Friday morning! Look for us on the lawn across from the big playground

We will be on the lawn near the playground this Thursday and Friday morning from 8:15 until 9:00. We will be selling the children's handprint artwork, and having coffee for parents. Please stop by, sign the cards, and pick up your childs original art work $20! (You can check the "bill me later" so no need to bring cash. All proceeds for the handprints go to the schools fundraiser). More info to follow. The children were so excited to be a part of the fundraiser and had a ball making these handprints!


Saturday, April 9th, 7pm

1503 Morgan Lane

Austin, TX

We hope to see everyone at the Casino Night for an amazing evening of celebration and fun.