Bridging the Gap

By: Megan Goyal, Jakob Perez, Lily Diaz


  • Theaters in which audience and performers were able to interact with each other. Most people came because it was a social gathering. In the story there is a huge arena where the whole kingdom would come to watch the convicted pick a door. It would be entertainment to see either a man be bloodily killed or a joyous marriage.
  • Lincoln’s assassination, the next president was Andrew Johnson who fought tooth and nail with congress, Congress so much that they started to override with the ⅔ majority vote and didn’t listen to the president and their own thing. This can be seen in the story when the lovers are caught the man has to face trial. The princess did not follow her father's rules and quickly found out which door contains what and told the man where to go. She was angry that she was caught and went behind her father’s back to get what she wanted.
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  • During the Time period everyone was on edge with trust because of the wars going on and the scamming of companies, so the husbands were very on edge if they could trust their current/past wife on who she truly still is in love with.
  • Sickness was going around during the era, so when her daughter got sick it was known she could go at any time, so thats why her ex husband, and the wife was around "Lily" as much as she could.


  • The biggest connection is the attitude of the nation at the time after the war which was very gloomy and lackluster amongst veterans because of the brutality in The First World War. The large celebration was over and life was fairly normal except for many of the veterans who served in the war, which for them life would never be the same again.
  • The social tendency shown in Soldiers Home is religion in the house hold of the main characters family. The mother seems very religious stating that everyone is in gods kingdom after Krebs says he isn't. She also goes on to pray for Krebs because he can't.
  • PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is seen very much in Krebs because of his closed off nature and his disability of not being able to love anyone, even his own mother. He also does not want any relationship with a woman unless it is a quiet one where they don't talk to each other.


  • The similarities is that both time periods had a war that was extremely devastating and now that it is over the country is now into reconstruction. For the civil war is joining the two countries and for WW1 it is the veterans dealing with PTSD. The lives in the South was dull and most of the country was destroyed since it was set there and the Veterans lives after coming back from a war that was stimulating their lives were very dull.
  • A huge similarity is that in both stories the main character lost love. In the Lady or the Tiger she has to choose between her love dying of falling in love with another girl which inevitably means she lost him. In the Other Two the lady has to pick between her three husbands and she has to make that life changing decision. In Soldier’s home he lost all the love inside him and his religion.