The Beach Boys

Priya Desai

Impact on Rock and Roll/Rhythm and Blues

The Beach Boys started as a garage band in which they reassembled styles of music such as surf to include vocal jazz harmony. The band created their own unique sound which helped them reach fame. They introduced their signature approach to the common genres such as pop ballad. The band applied harmonic or formal twists not native to the rock and roll. Since the creation of the band, rock and roll has showed signs of continually use of falsettos's in harmonies over a run-on melody which was originally used by The Beach Boys.
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Appeal Factor in 1960s

The component of the Beach Boys that made them so appealing in the 1960s was the fact that the band incorporated surf music. The band invented the smooth-voiced, multi racked harmonized vocal style which was seen as the second wave of surf music. The idea of spreading surf music worldwide was a major appeal factor to the group. The vocal version of Surf Music drew many key elements form African -American genres, which is what made the Beach boys unique. They were able to capture the nation's and world's imagination regarding the New Surfing lifestyle based in California. This was a major appeal factor to the band in the mid 1960s.

Summary of Rock "n" Roll/ Rhythm and Blues

The first affordable solid-body electric guitar were introduced in the 1940s, and because the term "rock and roll" became increasing popular in the early 1950s, this is seen as start of the evolution of American music. The sounds that consist of "rock" evolved form many different sources, in many different regions, and many different moments in history. The sounds of "rock and roll" are shaped by regular people and continue to be shaped by normal citizens. "Rock and roll" was first listened to by teenagers in private sectors who were seeking to differentiate themselves from the older generation. This idea became a global trend and rock and roll continues to call to mind the same youthful rebellion and spontaneous energy that charged the music half a century ago.
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Beach Boys Popularity Today

The Beach Boys are a beloved American institution that remains iconic around the world. The band was given the #1 Reissue of the Year by Rolling Stone in 2011. The boys just recently released new tour called That's Why God Made The Radio. Although the band gained popularity in the 1960s, their contribution to the rock and roll is still significant today.

Top Songs

The top 10 songs released by the Beach Boys include:

  1. 'Good Vibrations'
  2. 'Wouldn't It Be Nice'
  3. 'God Only Knows'
  4. 'California Girls'
  5. 'Surf's Up'
  6. 'She Knows Me Too Well'
  7. 'I Get Around'
  8. 'Do It Again'
  9. 'Fun Fun Fun'
  10. 'Cainessence'
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Timeline of The Beach Boys Career

'Surfin' Safari' was released on October 01, 1962.

The Beach Boys play their first non-California show in Arizona in September 1963.

'California Girls' is released on July 12, 1965, which was their 4th most popular song.

Brain admits himself into a psychiatric hospital stalling music development for a year.

The last song by The Beach Boys is released in June of 2012. The song was called 'That's Why God Made the Radio.'