Teens Stopping Cyber Bullying

There are many ways to fight cyber bullying. Some ways are better than others, but cyber bullying should be fought. 33% of teens are victims of cyber bullying. This paper will help and teach you how to put cyber bullying to a stop.

There are many ways to bully. Some people bully by calling their targets mean names, others bully by beating their targets, and some people bully by sending rude messages online.

If you are being cyber bullied on an online game report them to a game monitor. If you are being bullied by someone you know, just don’t reply. If someone threatens to hurt you in an online chat immediately tell your parents. If your parents aren’t home take a screenshot of the messages.

If someone you don’t know is trying to talk to you, or send you messages block or ignore them. Just because other people bully you doesn’t make it right for you to bully people. If you can’t block or even if you can report them so they won’t bully anybody else. Cyber bullying is not good. If you can stop it.

These tips are very important. They have been used by many people. Those people have found a way to stay safe. If you use these you will be safe. If anyone else is having problems help them.