Stay Alert, Trich May Be Around!

Thrichomoniasis by Kenly H., Shomari P., and Dominique M.

Who get's these diseases

Everyone can get it but women over the age of 50 are more at risk. It's passed through intercourse and through birth. Male can give it to females, females to males, and females to females. On rare cases it can be passed male to male. African Americans are at the most risk than any other race. The annual rate is 177million people worldwide.


Women and men have genital discharges of liquids and burning of genitals during urination. Women may give early births or birth disfigured babies.Trichomoniasis can lead to other STD's


You and your partner need to go to the doctor to check for trichomoniasis. Wearing condoms is also good, but the best way is abstinence till marriage. If you do have trichomoniasis, their is a cure called metronidazole.

Spread the word!

Facebook, Twitter, anything! We need to tell everybody! This is a small problem that can be fixed. Please, be cautious and tell anybody you know. This parasite can be dangerous.