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About Kemimoto

“Hello, I cannot find a quality part for my bike with affordable price, why don’t you make it for me?”

That was the start of the story, which in just over 10 years has turned the two founders’ passion and creativity into a Prime Brand of moto parts and accessories.

Kelvin and Michael (General Manager and CEO of KEMIMOTO) have managed to build up a young and vigorous team able to manufacture and trade worldwide the parts, which impress everyone with their elegant design and high quality.

KEMIMOTO parts are developed and tested with the assistance of 2-wheel and 4-wheel racers from all over the world.
CNC-machined billet aluminum and Delrin-based parts, such as Rear Sets, Sliders and mirrors, account for most of our production output.

PHILOSOPHY from KEMIMOTO: Always put client’s safety and comfort in mind.

The best UTV parts to upgrade your UTV

Owning an off-road vehicle can bring you a lot of fun and excitement. You can set off for off-road trips in dense forests or mountains, participate in racing competitions or explore new areas with family or friends. In order to make your adventure safer and more enjoyable, a variety of UTV parts can help you expand the functions of your vehicle on inaccessible roads. On our digital shelves, we provide a variety of high-quality UTV parts at reasonable prices to meet your needs and budget.

If you want to improve riding or improve driving comfort, then it is best to browse the various products we provide. The various UTV parts available on our website enable you to find the right product for your application. Some of them are for safety, while others are professionally designed and manufactured to take your off-road experience to a new level. Regardless of the manufacturer and model of your car, and the specific purpose of its service, you will definitely choose a new performance enhancer or fashion accessory for your four-wheeler.

If you want to upgrade the usability of UTV, your product list will include the following: portable LED lights, beverage cups and stands, tool boxes, etc. The first on the list is a must-have that you will love. With all UTV accessories, you will need space to store them. On our website, you can find many options, including storage bags, cargo boxes, door bags, etc. They are sturdy and durable, and can cope with harsh off-road riding.

If your friends, family or important other people want to play together but don’t have an ATV or don't know how to ride a bike? Most ATVs cannot carry passengers. Doing so will cause the machine to become unbalanced and interfere with the rider's control ability, which is not safe for the rider and passengers. But UTV is not like ATV, a rider straddles the machine and steers with his hands. UTV is configured like a car, with a bench or bucket seat that can accommodate 2 or 4 people, as well as a car-style steering wheel and gear lever and foot pedals, many seat belts and roll cages to ensure safety. UTV is ideal for off-road driving, especially when you are out with friends or family. And UTV is very popular with farmers, ranchers, gardeners, ground crews, security personnel and towing, towing and other tasks. In addition to these main products, there are also leisure and multifunctional UTVs today. They perform well in work and entertainment as well as sports. They are designed for high-performance off-road excitement. Kemimoto UTV parts are for you to choose.

Malfunctions may disrupt cycling trips or make important tasks impossible to complete. Regular maintenance can ensure that your UTV is always ready. It is the best way to reliably fulfill its potential and last a long time. We provide you with the UTV parts needed for any maintenance service. We have high-quality UTV parts specially formulated for the unique needs of UTV, which can provide help for UTV operating under harsh conditions. We also provide the tools and equipment you need to correctly complete maintenance and repair tasks, including valve, Supports and lifting devices to support you during maintenance and to be able to enter the maintenance area. In addition, if you need some service guides, we will provide maintenance manuals, which are easy to follow, step-by-step maintenance, repair and diagnostic procedures,

Your UTV has been carefully designed to complete a range of tasks, from dragging hay bales to delivering roof tiles. However, if you are keen to improve its performance, add accessories or perform routine maintenance, Kemimoto can help you. There are many types of UTV parts. The fender flares help protect the sides of the vehicle from dirt, sleet and dirt flying under the wheels. The suspension lift kit will lift your multi-purpose vehicle a few inches so that you can drive through deeper trails and ruts. The windshield can protect the driver and passengers from the oncoming wind, while making the riding conditions more comfortable. UTV parts provided by Kemimoto will come in handy when repairing your vehicle.

With our many UTV parts and accessories, you can not only perform maintenance and repairs, but also improve the performance, function and appearance of the machine. If you improve the function of UTV, you will get more practicality, fun and overall value. No matter where you use UTV, no matter where you use UTV, we have suitable UTV parts for you to choose. With our numerous cycling equipment, you can explore off-road without any worries.

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