The most awesomely delicious coffee in the world:)

Starbucks Facts

Starbucks is the largest coffee house chain in the world. They have more than 16,000 stores worldwide. They have stores in Egypt, Jordan, Peru, Ireland, Oman, and Greece. In 2008, Starbucks started to sell Product Red goods which raised money to help over 3,800 AIDS infected people annually. They employ over 175,000 people in all of their franchise stores. In the 1990s, Starbucks opened on average one store every workday. Outside of North America, the first Starbucks was opened in Tokyo, Japan. This store opened in 1996. Starbucks brand water, Ethos Water, generated over $6 million for charities from 2005 to June of 2009.


Starbucks Coffee Shop was created by three different people. Zev Siegl, Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker. Zev Seigl AKA Mr. Startup is an entrepreneur. He used to be a history teacher before he helped create Starbucks. Siegl also started another business called Cuatermaine Coffee Roasters. He roasted coffee beans for over 500 clients. Jerry Baldwin, one of the other creators of Starbucks opened a coffee shop before Starbucks. The coffee shop was called Peet's Coffee & Tea. Jerry was in charge of getting the coffee beans for Starbucks, so where else to get them? He went to Peet's! Peet's was where Starbucks got the coffee beans for the first year of business. In 1984, Peet's was put up for sell. Jerry led a group of investors to purchase Peet's Coffee & Tea. Jerry then sold his intrest in Starbucks in 1987. Gordon Bowker and Jerry Baldwin later went into business together. They co-owned Peet's Coffee & Tea.

What Is Starbucks???

Starbucks is a world renowned coffee shop. With more than 21,000 coffee shops worldwide, you can tell it is popular in many places. Shops are open in the US, Canada, Japan, China, the UK, South Korea and many more places elsewhere. The chain stretches to over 62 different countries. As you can tell, they have great coffee, excellent desserts, and in most places... FREE WI-FI!!!!!

When Was Starbucks Created?

Starbucks Coffee was created on March 30, 1971. Starbucks was created by Zev Siegl, Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker.

Where Is Starbucks?

Starbucks's first location was in Seattle, Washington. After that, it quickly spread through the US. In 1996, they opened their first location outside the US in Tokyo, Japan. Then their locations quickly spread throughout the world. Today there are in over 62 countries.