Weekly Message

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 25~ 4.4.16

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Pizza for Lunch

Mr. Fred Glenn and his daughter Tiffany, have provided pizza for us all, today for lunch. This is to show thanks and appreciation for all that you've done. It will be here at 11:00. Be sure to thank them when you see them!

Teacher Resources:

The eduToolbox resource-sharing portal provides educators with access to instructional

plans, teaching strategies, assessment items, and professional learning materials. More

information at www.edutoolbox.org .

Evaluation: Self Scores

From now on, you are to enter your own self scores for your evaluations into TNCompass. You should've received an email at the beginning of the year with login information. Yo ucan get on here and see all of your evaluation data. The site is https://tdoe.tncompass.org/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f. Mrs. Jennifer will be sending out an email today with more information.

Field Trip- Sky Zone

Please be sure that all permission forms are filled out completely. These need to be turned in by the end of April.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for all you do!

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